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Special Forces Border Platoon

New equipment for border guards

With the support of the people of Ukraine and people around the world The People’s Project has the opportunity to close gaps in providing the military with equipment. Sometimes, they lack basics which have long been provided foreign military forces. Through the project Special Border Forces Platoon the Odessa guards have received essential equipment that brings them another step closer to world-class standard. And that is all down to those who took part in the project.

More about the equipment.

Protective earmuffs keep our military’s hearing safe from explosions and the noise of shooting RPGs and large caliber weapons when firing. For anyone detached from the realities of war earmuffs may seem optional accessories, they aren’t. Damage to hearing received by our soldiers without earmuffs can lead to serious consequences and sometimes disability. Earmuffs offer protection from ruptured eardrums and other injuries to hearing. In the armies of other countries earmuffs have been actively used for a long time, however Ukraine’s military is not routinely equipped with the safety equipment. Earmuffs not only protect against high decibels, but also increase low meaning soldiers can still communicate and hear each other when firing while reducing the loud sounds of shots and thus protecting the ears.

Tactical three-point rifle slings. We have repeatedly written about the importance of comfortable weapon straps. Last year we launched the project Tactical Rifle Slings in which we provide high quality Ukrainian-made rifle slings for various military units. Read more about the advantages of three point tactical rifle slings can be found in this report.

Tactical backpacks, depending on duration and purpose of a mission, are needed by any fighter. Preferably, backpacks should be provided in several sizes. These backpacks, with a volume of 40 liters, are intended for short-term missions (up to 3 days).

Pouches for machine gun ammunition. They can carry ammunition and are one of the basic things that makes the use of weapons more convenient. These things seem trivial, but are very necessary for the military.

Binoculars with 60x zoom are simple to operate and the zoom allows for the observation of an object over greater and therefore safer distances. From a safe distance from the enemy, the surrounding area, number of terrorists, and their weapons can be viewed. In fact, from a distance users can discern the facial expressions of a terrorist and understand what he might have in mind, or simply watch as he runs away.

Covers for helmets – also an important “detail”. A helmet is a great target, however with a camouflage cover it can blend with nature such a seemingly simple thing actually saves lives.

And lastly, a weather station. While it does not look like much in photos, it is an indispensable tool for special forces and snipers. It obtains data on the direction and speed of wind, humidity and other weather indicators making it possible to adjust shooting trajectories. Although such a seemingly small device is costly, the work they do makes them worth the expense.

As always, we want to thank everyone who have supported the project and made it possible to make these purchases.

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Project Completed

Special Forces Border Platoon

Equipment for detached border service platoon.

military unit 1469
1 190 241 UAH (49 832 USD) needed
100% raised
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