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Project Completed

Tactical Rifle Slings

52 people donated
139 955 uah (5 235 USD)
of 139 900 uah (5 233 USD)
100% raised
Updated 12.02.2018 at 18:36
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Why is it important?

One third of the soldiers in ATO are equipped with old two-point rifle slings. These slings are not very convenient in the event of a sudden attack or in everyday use. Thus, many of the fighters try to improve those using details available at the front. Hand-made enhancements to the sling are called to make the carrying of a machine gun more convenient. Otherwise, the soldier has to carry it in hands all the time, which is not an easy task. Fortunately, there is a great variety of three-point rifle slings. Having analyzed the market of tactical rifle slings we have opted for slings of Ukrainian production. Our friends volunteers have developed these slings and are ready to produce them.
The upgraded slings are equipped with shock absorption element. These rifle slings are versatile, adjustable in length for medium and large automatic weapons and provide for maximum comfort when carrying weapons in positions of increased combat capability. The slings significantly increase the speed of manipulation with weapons.

Where the money goes?

The patriots have developed a three-point rifle sling with significant improvement. The new slings are comfortable for use in the event of intensive fire contacts, patrol and work at a checkpoints, convoy and long raid transitions. In urban areas, the length and design of the three-point sling allows to shift the weapon quickly from one shoulder to another.

Design features:
Three-point tactical sling has improved performance when used during tactical measures with possibility of a sudden firing. The elastic shock absorber softens the abrupt spurts during fast weapon transfers (to access the alternative or short-barreled weapon).
In addition, the sling provides for convenient close to body weapon carrying and at the same time for freedom of movements. Such flexibility can hardly be achieved using only hard straps.
This tactical rifle sling allows the soldier to carry the weapon in any manner available while using other slings. The most convenient and practical position, however, is carrying weapon down the back or under the arm.
Setting the weapon for combat readiness is done immediately, without visual control, with one hand from any position. The tactical rifle sling’s length can be adjusted by free hand, which provides an additional fixing point for shooting. The width and hardness level of textile system elements are the result of special studies, prototype tests in different conditions, the study of development of the best local and foreign manufacturers of tactical equipment.

Video of tactical rifle sling’s use


Project budget

  • 12January2015

    The project budget reduced by 45 UAH. The price of a belt has been decreased by the producer from 140 UAH to 115 UAH due to large order. Now we can by 217 belts more for same amount of money.

Three-point rifle sling
Three-point rifle sling
paid 100%
400/400 un.
46 000 UAH
The price of one sling 115 UAH at the exchange rate of 18 UAH for 1 USD
Three-point rifle sling
Three-point rifle sling
paid 100%
626/626 un.
93 900 UAH
The price of one sling 150 UAH at the exchange rate of 26 UAH for 1 USD

Totally:   139 900.00 UAH


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Raised: 139 955 UAH(5 235 USD)
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Spent 140 690 UAH(3 571 USD)
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139 955 UAH (5 235 USD)
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297.45 USD
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140 690 UAH (3 571 USD)
Current project spending
10/02/2017Three-point tactical slings28 4 200.00transferred to Mariupol Defenders
29/09/2016Three-point tactical slings15 2 250.00Mariupol Defenders
13/05/2016Three-point tactical slings150 22 500.00transferred to Rapid Response
07/12/2015Three-point tactical slings100 15 000.00delivered to Alpha squad, waiting for documents
17/08/2015Internal transfer1 204.93transferred to Covers for Grad
13/08/2015Three-point tactical slings50 7 500.00transferred to "Help to 72nd Mechanized Brigade"
22/06/2015Three-point tactical slings43 6 450.00transferred to Special Forces Border Platoon
11/06/2015Three-point tactical slings50 7 500.00transferred to The Marines
14/05/2015Three-point tactical slings50 7 500.00transferred to Shyrokyne
14/05/2015Three-point tactical slings140 20 650.00transferred to First People’s Scout
02/04/2015Three-point tactical slings20 2 300.00delivered to military unit В0676
01/04/2015Three-point tactical slings7 1 050.00transferred to First people’s border guard
01/04/2015Three-point tactical slings94 10 810.00transferred to First people’s border guard
01/04/2015Three-point tactical slings14 1 610.00delivered to military unit А 0224
01/04/2015Three-point tactical slings20 2 300.00delivered to military unit В0676
18/03/2015Three-point tactical slings40 4 600.00transferred to 25th Airborne Brigade
02/03/2015Three-point tactical slings20 2 300.00delivered to Security Service of Ukraine unit in Zaporizhia region
02/03/2015Three-point tactical slings5 575.00delivered to Right Sector
02/03/2015Three-point tactical slings16 1 840.00transferred to First people’s special trooper
02/03/2015Three-point tactical slings100 11 500.00transferred to Reconnaissance and Alpha squad
02/03/2015Three-point tactical slings30 3 450.00transferred to The marines
30/01/2015Three-point tactical slings40 4 600.00delivered to military unit А 1594
Total: 140 689.93 UAH (3 571 USD)