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31-year-old Sergiy. Treatment in progress

Treatment | 

31-year-old Sergiy. Treatment in progress

31-year-old Sergiy. Treatment in progress

How Sergiy is being treated


The wounded Ukrainian soldier of Sapper Regiment 703 Sergei requires rapid treatment. The state medicine is powerless in this case, so the fighter have a risk to remain disabled for life. The recovery is possible, using a unique biotechnology with the help of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project.

Since the Ukrainian government does not finance biotechnological treatment, the soldier can only hope for the support of the people around the globe. There is created a fund-rise program through the volunteer platform The People’s Project to collect the donations. The support of everyone can help wounded soldiers to avoid disability. Spreading the word in the social networks also helps a lot to get more helping people involved.

The effectiveness of the methods, which only a few clinics in the world can be proud of, is a facts. The Ukrainian biotechnologists have saved an injured hand of the Ukrainian scout from the amputation, restored a crushed leg of the 19-year-old volunteer and cured dozens of others.


31-year-old Sergiy, the fighter of the Sapper Regiment 703. Got the injury near the Kryms’ke village.


Left leg:
– Fracture of the left femur non-fused after the metal osteosynthesis
– Shortening of the limb on 1.58 inches
– Post-traumatic peroneal nerve damage
– Ischemic contracture of the left foot with hammer-like fingers.


Left hand:

– Non-fused fracture of the 4th metacarpal bone


Over a year has passed since the establishment of the fixing plate, but the left leg bone still didn’t not fused properly. The Sergiy’s leg does not support the body, which is why the guy cant do without crutches. If the cellular technology not applied, Sergey will remain disabled. On top of that, shortening of one leg eventually will lead to the curvature of the spine. This threatens a number of health problems and persistent severe pain in his back.


More information about the wounded:

Sergei fought in the Ukrainian Sapper Regiment 703. During a combat mission he and his colleague were blown on the stretching. The incident happened near the Kryms’ke village in the Luhansk region.


The first aid was performed at the Kryms’ke village hospital. The patient was moved to Kharkiv military hospital, where the Ilizarov apparatus was installed into the left leg. In May of 2015 in the Kyiv Central Clinical Hospital broken bone was fixed by the fixation plate (the osteosynthesis was performed). Sergey has been through 7 surgeries. It has been a year since the last surgery, but the bones have not fused still. Due to impaired circulation, the left leg muscles dried and shortened, making the leg and its fingers unable to bend.


Doctors of the Ilaya Clinic plan to help Sergiy’s left leg to recover. They will lengthen the tendon, fuse the femur and perform the arthrodesis of the ankle joint (the foot does not rise because of the nerve damage). After that doctors plan to restore the left wrist of the Ukrainian defender.

Sergiy joined the ATO in August of 2014. He performed combat missions in Svatove and Stanytsya Luhanska villages. Before the war, Sergei worked in agriculture and sometimes went for work abroad. As for sports hobby, he likes to play football. Back at home in Volyn the recovered hero is awaited by his family – beloved wife and 7-year-old son. With the help of the donations, a healthy husband and father will return to his family.


Required treatment:

reconstructive and restorative treatment of the left femur, using biotechnology to help the leg return its functionality.

After the restoring process of the leg is finished, the treatment regimen for injured wrist will be developed, and fund rise for a cure will take place.

Detailed list of costs for diagnostic and treatment:

1. Examination during the treatment (therapy, orthopedics, bioinsurance) – 18,240 UAH
2. Fence of the fragments of fibula bone and red marrow (discount 40%) – 18,060 UAH
3. Endothelial cells (40 million cells – 50% discount) – 32,000 UAH
4. Periosteal cells (40 million cells – 50% discount) – 32,000 UAH
5. MSC (Mesenchymal stem cells) of the marrow (120 million cells – 50% discount) – 78,500 UAH
6. Production of the carriers for the cell (discount 40%) – 46,384 UAH
7. Anesthesia (discount 15%) – 5,746 UAH
8. Reconstructive-restorative treatment in the hospital (discount 40%) – 265,191.2 UAH.

Budget update:
In 2016-2017 years, Sergiy was treated from the consequences of an explosive wound of the left lower limb, nonunion of the left femur after metal osteosynthesis that led to an about 5-centimeter shortening of the limb, posttraumatic damage to the sciatic nerve and the deformation of the left foot. After a series of complex operations, doctors managed to restore both the integrity and length of the left thigh.

During the last chech-up on September 5, 2018, it was discovered that due to damage to the sciatic nerve, a neurogenic contracture of the anterior parts of the left foot has developed, which prevents the adequate foot function exercise.

Additional surgical treatment is prescribed to restore the foot function and ability to support body weight. The cost of an additional surgical intervention is UAH 107,217.35.

Cost of the treatment (including hospital discount 42%) –  603,338 UAH

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