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Serhiy, 32. The treatment process started

How Serhiy is being treated


Serhiy, 32. The treatment process started

Serhiy, 32. The treatment process started

How Serhiy is being treated

The wounded

Serhiy, 32-years-old. Mobilized to the ranks of the 81st Brigade. Injured near Avdiyivka of Donetsk region.


Serhiy suffers from slow fusion of a complex fracture of the tibia, and, as a result, shortening of the left leg on 5 cm.

Sergiy Kod-X-ray-eng

In March 3rd of 2016 at the hospital doctors installed the Kostyuk device on Serhiy’s tibia, and in April performed the transplant of bone tissue from the pelvic bone. Unfortunately, those surgeries have not helped to fuse the fracture. Even if the bone grow back together, due to a significant shortening of a left leg and uneven load of it over time Serhiy will face the disease of joints and spinal curvature. To make the limb function again he must not only treat the complex fracture, but also compensate a 5 cm defect of the tibia.

Sergiy Kod-injury

More information about the wounded

In early February of 2015 Serhiy was mobilized to the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He served at a 5th Tactical Group of 81st Air Crew. He had to go through the battles at Opytne, Avdiyivka and near the Donetsk airport. Lately Serhiy was assigned to the mobile group to fight with smuggling.

Sergiy Kod-War I

In February of 2016 Serhiy and his crew were examining cars at the checkpoint. Some local resident, who was driving drunk, lost control, and crashed into a military. Serhiy got seriously wounded. He received an open head injury, a bruise of a brain, fracture of a vault bones and a skull base, closed injury of the chest and abdomen, closed fracture of the left femur and an open fracture of the left tibia.

The first aid Serhiy received in Avdiyivka. Then the patient was urgently transported to Chervonoarmiysk, and from there to the Mechnikov hospital at Dnipro by helicopter. Serhiy spend 10 days in a reanimation, balancing on the edge. The first thing doctors treated severely injured head. Then injured leg was fixated with an external fixation device. At the capital’s hospital turn came to his leg, where the Kostiyk device was installed to fuse and straighten a broken bone. Also the skin transplant was performed over the place of an open fracture. Unfortunately, the efforts of doctors were in vain. The fracture of the tibia has not fused. The leg shortened almost for 5 cm.

Sergiy Kod-Legs

The doctors of The Ilaya Medical Center are ready to help. Its been confirmed on practice, that cellular technology used at the clinic help effectively in cases of injuries like this. With the use of cells experts can heal and and straighten severely damaged bone. It is important to start early. The longer you wait, the more complicated treatment and recovery will be.

Before the mobilization Serhiy worked as a metallurgist at the Zaporizhzhia Ferroalloy Plant. Before the injury he was fond of sports, football, tourism. Also he loves to read. Each of us is capable to sincerely and effectively thank Serhiy for his service to Ukraine, and help him return to an active life.

Sergiy Kod-before

Required treatment

Reconstructive and restorative treatment of the left tibia.

Itemized costs for diagnostics and treatment

  1. Examination during the treatment (therapy, orthopedics, bioinsuranse) – 4,906 UAH
  2. Anesthesia (15% discount) – 2,397 UAH
  3. Reconstructive-restorative treatment at a hospital (40% discount) – 78,822 UAH

Cost of a treatment with a 38% discount of the Medical Center – 106,504 UAH

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