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Viktor D, 34. Treatment completed

How Viktor’s treatment is progressing:


Viktor D, 34. Treatment completed

Viktor D, 34. Treatment completed

How Viktor’s treatment is progressing:


Viktor, 34, a soldier with an interservice mine clearing team, wounded in Slovyansk


Left leg: tibia osteomyelitis with extensive purulent necrotic wounds.
In the past year, the fighter has undergone about 30 operations in hospitals and clinics. However, the bone has not healed – on the contrary, due to osteomyelitis, the bone defect has significantly increased. Without stem cell technology the fighter at best faces another two years of treatment with traditional methods, and at worst – continued inflammation that can lead to amputation. The soldier’s defect must be replaced to quickly restore the shin.

More information about the wounded:

Viktor – a soldier with interservice mine clearing team. Injured July 5, 2014 in Slavyansk when, immediately after liberation of the city, Ukrainian troops were covered separatist fire, resulting in the collapse of a building, Viktor was among those inside. A piece of rubble fell on his leg breaking it.

Because immediately after being injured the fighter did not receive proper treatment, infection set in in the broken bones leading to the fighter undergoing about 30 operations. Then doctors tried to restore the soldier’s defect via conventional methods, but eventually were forced to “clean” the injury site, and do repeat this several times. In addition, soft tissue in Viktor’s leg became infected.  With these problems the fighter was in the Central Clinical Military Hospital where he, with the assistance of hospital doctors, and orthopedic traumatologist Volodymyr Oksymets joined the project with iLaya Medical Center. Viktor’s operations were the first step to saving his leg – doctors have stopped the destruction of bone and prepared the leg to restore the bone using biotechnology.
Viktor is a military personnel officer, who has served Ukraine for 17 years. Himself a native of Kyiv, at home for more than a year waiting for him is his beloved wife. Interestingly, our hero is a candidate for master of sports of volleyball. Viktor joined the ATO on  April 16, 2014. Of note in his service is he participated in one of the first major operations in the East – the liberation of Slavyansk.

Viktor wants to return to the East – that is what he sees as his destiny, and becomes very upset when it is is mentioned that due to the bone loss throughout the year, he may be not be able to defend his homeland.

Required treatment:

Stage 1

• Dismantling of external fixation device: 1500 UAH
• Sequestration fistula necrectomy tibia: 11 000 UAH
• Pinning of tibia bone: 17 300 UAH
• Medical care and hospital stay: 71 010 UAH

Stage 2

• Osteotomy of the tibia: 7200 UAH
• Revision of the wound, plastic granulation of the wounds: 15 500 UAH
• Medical care and hospital stay: 18 200 UAH

Stage 3

• Open matching of bone fragments: 11 400 UAH
• Osteotomy of the fibula: 6200 UAH
• Medical care and hospital stay: 18200 UAH

Cost of treatment: 320 840 UAH.
Discount Medical Center: 43.41%

Special Price: 181 565 грн.

Budget update

Viktor’s treatment expenses amounted to 170,772 UAH, which is by 10,793 UAH less than was planned and transferred to the clinic. Thus the remainder of funds is transferred to pay for the treatment of Igor F.