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Viktor A, 21. Treatment successfully completed

How Viktor’s treatment is progressing:


Viktor A, 21. Treatment successfully completed

Viktor A, 21. Treatment successfully completed

How Viktor’s treatment is progressing:


Viktor, 21, a volunteer with the 11th Battalion “Kievan Rus” was wounded near Donetsk Airport.


Left leg: osteomyelitis of the left femur with a defect to 5 cm, nonunion fracture of the left tibia, defect of up to 10 cm.
The soldier has loss of bone in his left thigh and lower left leg, threatening him with disability through shortening and loss of function of the limb. Stem cell technology will restore the bone and leg back to full function.

More information about the wounded:

Viktor – a volunteer soldier with the 11th Battalion “Kievan Rus”. Injured on May 14, 2015 near Donetsk Airport when next to Butovka separatists opened fire with mortars on Ukrainian soldiers. A mortar exploded near Viktor, as a result the fighter received numerous wounds to the left side of his body, including traumatic amputation of his arm from the elbow and and injuries to his thigh and lower leg.
Viktor was given first aid by colleagues from another unit – “Right Sector” Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, then the soldier was sent to hospital. In hospital, in collaboration with doctors from the iLaya  Medical Center Viktor underwent several operations on his soft tissues and and for straightening the axis of his thigh and lower leg, but significant recovery of the femoral and tibial bone defects requires the use of biotechnology.
Victor – is a native of the Vyshgorod district of Kyiv and an ardent patriot of Ukraine. Immediately after serving in the Army, in winter of 2013 joined the Revolution of Dignity or EuroMaidan. In the summer of 2014 he volunteered for to go and fight in the East. His rationale was he always wanted to take part in shaping the history of Ukraine.
The hero spent almost a year serving in the ATO. He was among those soldiers who first entered Slovyansk and Nikishyne and for as much as five months held out on the front without rest.
While in hospital Viktor was twice-decorated – for fighting during the active phase of the ATO and for courageous defense of positions this spring.
Now Viktor’s mother Oksana and 10-year-old brother Max barely leave his side in hospital. But his recovery is far from assured with the specialist skills of doctors and more advanced treatment, which our hero is without a doubt worth!

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Required treatment:

Reconstructive-restorative treatment of trauma to the thigh and lower leg in 3 stages to help restore the function of the leg.

Stage 1 

• Diagnostics and examination: 4 055 UAH
• Fencing of fibula fragments and bone marrow: 12 000 UAH
• Dismantling of external fixation apparatus: 1 508 UAH
• Pinning of the thigh: 19 700 UAH
• Fistula necrectomy sequestration in the hip area: 14 000 UAH
• Pinning of tibia: 17 300 UAH
• Plastic surgery to cicatricoadhesive ulcer: 21 500 UAH
• Revision of the wounds, plastic granulating of the wounds: 15 500 UAH
• Production of stem cell-tissue material: 138 000 UAH
• Medical care and hospital stay: 71 010 UAH

Stage 2

• Replacement of defect with cell-tissue material: 11 000 UAH
• Osteotomy of the fibula: 6 200 UAH
• Osteosynthesis of proximal tibia plate: 22 300 UAH
• Medical care and hospital stay: 71 010 UAH

Stage 3

• Replacement of defect with cell-tissue material: 11 000 UAH
• Correction apparatus: 6 200 UAH
• Medical care and hospital stay: 71 010 UAH

Budget update:
Viktor’s treatment continues, but at the intermediate stages of treatment, prior to the use of cellular technology, it was necessary to perform more plastic surgery on his leg to restore soft tissue than was expected due to continuing inflammation processes. The costs of these operations amounted to 100,938 UAH pushing the total cost of treatment up to 614 231 UAH.

Victor’s treatment continues. In the years 2015-2016, multi-staged thigh and shin treatment have been performed. The treatment was significantly complicated by the additional pathological factors: a significant defect of soft tissues and bones, extensive gunshot osteomyelitis. Now the bones integrity has already restored, defects of soft tissues are replaced during numerous plastic operations. Due to the severe degree of injury, the need for urgent unplanned surgeries and additional tests arose in the course of the treatment.
During the additional stage, among other procedures, osteosynthesis of the upper third of the thigh, plastic surgery of soft tissue defect, adaptive bone resection and numerous laboratory tests outside the scope of primary calculations were performed. This resulted in additional expenses, which amounted to 121 154 hryvnias.

Now the integrity of the bones is restored. Victor started to put pressure on both legs. However, the thigh still remains shortened by 3 cm, which, due to the severity of the injury, was impossible to predict in the initial stages of the estimation of the scope of work. Doctors plan to eliminate the shortage of the bone length using Ilizarov’s technique. In addition, for further rehabilitation, it is necessary to remove the orthopedic plates from the healed bones. Additional expenses amounted to 82 482 hryvnias.

Updated cost of treatment: 817 868 UAH


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