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Volodymyr, 45. Treatment completed. Rehabilitation is in progress

How Volodymyr’s treatment...

Volodymyr, 45. Treatment completed. Rehabilitation is in progress

Volodymyr, 45. Treatment completed. Rehabilitation is in progress

How Volodymyr’s treatment is progressing:



Volodymyr is 45. Served in the 45th Separate Motorized Infantry Battalion of the 43rd Artillery Brigade. Got injured near Mariinka.


Left leg: knee joint instability, rapture of the cruciate ligament in the knee joint.

Volodymyr L-injury

Due to the injury of the cruciate ligament Volodymyr is suffering from continuous pain and swelling. His leg is practically non-supportive, and the man limps while walking with a cane. If left untreated, his injury will lead to mechanical destruction of the joint and development of arthrosis, which subsequently will require way more expensive and complicated courses of treatment. Now it is the best moment to treat Volodymyr’s knee fast end effectively to avoid inevitable worsening of his condition.

Volodymyr L-KT

More about the wounded

Volodymyr is an artillerist; he served in the 45th Separate Motorized Infantry Battalion of the 43rd Artillery Brigade.
These guys are armed with the biggest artillery calibres in Ukraine, and usually they serve as the last argument helping to pacify the enemy in an artillery duel. Volodymyr carried out his combat tasks in the ATO zone: together with his comrades he guarded and maintained 2S7 Pion self-propelled gun. Each time the man had to jump off the armour or drop into a trench, he was imperceptibly injuring his knee more and more. As a result, the limb got completely injured: in the spring of 2016 under the enemy shelling Volodymyr fell down and irrevocably damaged his knee so he cannot stand on the hurt leg any more.

Volodymyr L-in 1

Volodymyr was taken to hospital where he underwent an examination meant to define the cause of his pain. Since early times, his bone had a built-in orthopaedic plate as a result of an old hip fracture, so the doctors decided to uninstall it. During the surgery one of the screws fixing the plate, broke down and its fragment was left in the bone. Because of this Volodymyr was not able to undergo full MRI test, so the man was just released from the hospital. Later he was diagnosed with the consequences of a permanent injury, deforming arthrosis, and appointed an arthroscopic surgery on his own funds since his problem was not considered a combat trauma.

Following his friends’ advice, Volodymyr applied to ilaya medical centre where the doctors diagnosed him with the rapture of a cruciate ligament, the injury that no surgeons paid attention to due to the insufficient examination, which caused dysfunction of the joint and unceasing pain in the leg. The doctors at the ilaya clinic are ready to help Volodymyr: first, they are going to remove the screw fragment and then restore the ligament. After this, it would be possible to carry out complete MRI test and estimate the condition of the joint as well as the vision of further treatment.

Volodymyr L-in 2

Volodymyr was born in Zhashkiv district of Zhytomyrska region, he is an ordinary farmer. Before the war he worked at a brick factory, was engaged in agribusiness and previously supervised the local apiary. He has a big family of wife and seven kids. Of these, five children are their own, and the other two were adopted from his wife’s late brother. The youngest kid is 11, and the eldest one is 21. Of course, all of them are dependent on Volodymyr.

In June 2015, under the sixth wave of mobilization, Volodymyr was called to the local recruitment office. They asked him directly whether he was going to go to the war or refuse due to his status of a many children father. Volodymyr did not refuse. Having noticed how few of his compatriots were ready to fight for his homeland, he decided that he was the one to behave more bravely and resolute as regards defense of his own country. After the call-up, Volodymyr was going to sign a contract and stay with the Army until the final victory. 

Volodymyr L-collage

Now Volodymyr has been discharged from the army. But even today, when the hero is feeling a bit worn-out by health problems and indifference on the part of the state, he is eager to renew his military service and come back to the ATO zone, but at any rate he is going to stay in the Army. Volodymyr thinks that the fighters like him should not be kept aside as they possess broad combat experience. Because they are both capable and willing of defending their motherland.

When we needed Volodymyr’s help, he packed his bags and went to the war. Now, in turn, he needs our support. The price for his treatment is comparatively low: together we can effectively restore the man’s health quite fast. In a way, to show our gratitude for his bravery and contribution into keeping our cities and towns safe.

Itemized costs for diagnosis and treatment:

1. Examination – 3 263 UAH
2. Anesthetics during the full course of treatment (discount 5%) – 3 349 UAH
3. Total cost of reconstructive-restorative treatment (discount 40%) – 80 706 UAH

Cost of treatment including the medical centre discount 39%: 87 318 UAH