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Volodymyr, 55. Money for the treatment raised

Treatment | 

Volodymyr, 55. Money for the treatment raised

Volodymyr, 55. Money for the treatment raised

How Mr. Volodymyr’s is being treated


Mr. Volodymyr is 55 years old. At the beginning of the war, for a long period of time he had been leading the command of the tank reserve central base in Bakhmut (former Artemivsk), Donetsk region. He got wounded in a fierce battle: the vehicle carrying Volodymyr and his comrades, had been hit by the terrorists.


False joint of the left thigh-bone at the junction of the medium and lower thirds; left thigh shortening by 2cm. To put it simple, the leg fails to fuse up; moreover, due to the injury and ruining of the bone, shortening is progressing.

If not the Biotech: four years have passed since the injury, so it is pointless to think the bone will complete fusion on its own. A false joint was formed in the area of fracture. At conventional hospitals, doctors offered Mr. Volodymyr two options: to leave everything as it is which means the man will remain disabled for the rest of his life, or to try fusing the fracture up one more time through application of a classical method – deliberate breakage of the false joint followed by clearing of the bones’ ends, joining them together and waiting for prospective fusion.

Mr. Volodymyr’s older organism has been additionally worn out by the prolonged illness. This means that even if the leg fused, one limb would have remained shorter that the other one.

Cell technologies used in the Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded project, can help to renovate the leg fast and easily, at the same time restoring its due length.

Recommended treatment: a course of reconstructive restorative treatment of the thigh-bone with the application of cell technologies.

More information about the wounded:

Mr. Volodymyr is a career military, colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ATO participant. At the beginning of the war Volodymyr Ivanovych was in command of a reserve tank base located in Bakhmut (former Artemivsk). For that time, pro-russian mercenaries had already grasped control of the town, but the military kept holding defense of their stronghold. Naturally, the terrorists continuously tried to seize the base: a few hundred tanks made a morsel to them. On the 24th of April the military unit suffered probably the worst storming: about a hundred mercenaries and disguised russian military armed with grenade launchers and automatic rifles, tried to capture our military equipment stored at the base, for another time. And it was the commander’s strict order to fire back that stopped the assault.

Naturally, such a resolute commander was a pain in the neck to the terrorists. They had been scheming killing him and seizing the base, for a long period of time. They partially succeeded in this only in June of 2014, when the commander’s vehicle got ambushed. The terrorists destroyed the vehicle and Volodymyr Ivanovych got heavily wounded. Despite his severe injury the colonel kept firing back until the aid arrived – as the result of this attack three terrorists bite the dust, and one got captured.

The wounded commander was provided first aid by the medics of the military unit; in some time, the fighters broke through and evacuated Volodymyr Ivanovych to Kharkiv military hospital. Later he was transferred to the capital. The doctors at these hospitals stabilized his condition and tried to join the broken bone using conventional methods, namely the external fixation apparatus and subsequently the intramedullary nail, that is a huge pin placed inside the bone. Later, there arose serious complications which lead to seven surgeries that Mr. Volodymyr has to undergo. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts the medics took, the leg failed to fuse up; moreover, it shortened by 2cm, and a false joint got formed in the injured area.

The options that had been offered by conventional hospitals, do not seem suitable for Volodymyr Ivanovych. The man is not going to stay lame for his life time, as well as he does not feel enthusiastic about another breakage of the injured leg with vague chances for prospective fusion. Logically, the Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded makes the best way out, as cell technology will allow fast and easy bone renewal followed by restoration of its natural length.

For his genuine bravery and true heroism demonstrated in those hard days Volodymyr Ivanovych was awarded the third class Bohdan Khmelnystkyi order. Now Mr. Volodymyr lives quiet family life: the wound forced him to step out and reconcile with his temporary status of a retired military. Still this does not mean that the man lost his love of life and is ready to tolerate the limitations the injury puts on him.


Itemized costs for diagnostics and treatment:

  • Examination during treatment (therapy, orthopedics, bioinsurance) – 14 855 UAH
  • Periosteal cells, 40 million (discount 50%) – 36 960 UAH
  • MSCs from bone marrow, 100 million (discount 50%) – 81 428 UAH
  • Bone chips (discount 40%) – 5 040 UAH
  • Anesthetics (discount 15%) – 8 434 UAH
  • Reconstructive and restorative treatment in hospital (discount 30%) – 154 086 UAH
  • Medicinal and surgical consumables – 23 905 UAH

Cost of treatment including discount of the medical center 37%: 324 708 UAH