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Project Completed

Help 79

1418 people donated
899 788 uah (37 672 USD)
of 840 000 uah (35 169 USD)
100% raised
Updated 28.11.2015 at 17:00
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Why is it important?

The first and top priority of the project was raising money to buy electrical generators for the 79th Separate Airmobile Brigade paratroopers.

After a massive MLRSs “Grad” attack, the brigade’s generators were seriously damaged and the need to replace them became clear.

With the help of sympathetic Mykolaiv residents the needed money was raised and the necessary new generators were bought. Also recently, chainsaws were purchased, which will help to cut trees for the arrangement of trench coverings.
Still remaining is funds that need to be raised for equipment repair, new fatigues, humanitarian aid and much-much more…

So, the Help 79 project was expanded. We also understood, that we cannot focus only on the needs of the 79 th Brigade. There are other military units in Mykolaiv that are taking part in the ATO and while we can’t help everyone, we’ll try to prioritize. Thus we hope for your support!

We will increase the budget gradually because of increasing needs and updates to the list of required items.

What is the money raised for?

We have already done an enormous amount of work, but the needs of the army still remain huge, because its combat capacity has been largely eroded to nothing for the past 23 years. To restore it in half a year is almost impossible. While we sleep in warm beds, soldiers are spending every night in cold dugouts or standing on roadblocks.

We continue raising money for equipment that will help heat dugouts and for warm clothes for soldiers. The treatment of colds, flu, pneumonia, hypothermia and other cold-related complications will be more expensive. Thousands of fighters have already caught colds.

To keep soldiers warm we need:

1. Thermal pad
1. Heat guns
2. Potbelly stoves
3. Thermal underwear
4. Warm socks
5. Gloves
6. Hats
7. Fleece balaclavas
8. Felt boots

Also we continue to gather provision, medicines, clothes, personal hygiene items and other equipment. The list is regularly updated.

For convenience we’ve arranged volunteer tents across the city of Mykolaiv for fund raising help. Our tents are white with an emblem. At the tents people can donate items from the list or give money for diesel generators. This money will be transferred to the general account of the charitable foundation, and we are going to report on all running expenses, demonstrating bank receipts regularly.

The location of tents will be changed periodically, but the route is fixed. the crossroads of Lenin Avenue and Komsomolska, Dzerdjynskogo, Sadova and Radyanska streets, as well as 8th of March Street next to Kolos Market/Peremogy Square. A permanent tent will be set up on the crossroads of Radyanska Street and Lenin Avenue, next to Aval bank.

Tent opening hours:
– Mon-Fri: 5 pm – 8 pm
– Sat-Sun: 8 am – 4 pm*
*For any questions call the project manager.

The list of needed provisions, medicines, personal hygiene items, clothes and equipment is below.



Drinking water
Canned food
Condensed milk
Army biscuits, bagels

Hygiene and necessities

Warm socks
Cotton underpants
Disposable razors
Toilet soap
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Shaving cream and aftershave
Washing powder
Toilet paper
Anti-bug spray
AA batteries
Wet wipes
Rubber slippers
Pocket torches
Bed-linen (can be second-hand)
Batteries (very much needed)


Tents (not bright colored)
Optical and vision devices
Camping kettles
Sleeping bags
Masking nets
Sleeping mats
Combat boots
Knee pads
Elbow pads
Rain coats


Drip systems G18
Analgesics (Noshpa, Spazmalgon, Ketanov)
Anti-shock remedies
Anti fungal agents (Klothrimazol)
Sterile gloves
Intestinal remedies (Loperamid)
Individual anti-chemical packages (except for Lubnifarm)



Questions and answers

Questions and answers on method of payment and reporting


Donations received
840 000
35 169 $
Raised: 899 788 UAH(37 672 USD)
Still needed 0 UAH(0 USD)
Spent 899 788 UAH(24 605 USD)
Balance 0 UAH(13 067 USD)
899 788 UAH (37 672 USD)
Sponsor contributions (payments directly to providers)
09/01/1531764 UAHSponsorship
03/10/1454405 UAHSponsorship
26/09/1471000 UAHraised by the volunteers
31/08/1440000 UAHraised by the volunteers
26/08/146050 UAHSponsorship
24/08/1410633.63 UAHSponsorship
23/08/144999.50 UAHSponsorship
21/08/143321 UAHSponsorship for the medicines for wounded
21/08/141910 UAHSponsorship
15/08/1410 000 UAHSponsorship
15/08/143 200 UAHSponsorship
15/08/1450 000 UAHSponsorship
13/08/1425 120  UAHraised in volunteer tents
11/08/14351.92 UAHSponsorship
26/07/141175.28 UAHSponsorship
Total: 313 930 UAH (8 585 USD)
In kind contributions
DateItemQ-tyUAH equivalentComment
28/03/15Washing machine Whirpool AWE 2215 with filter14998.9 UAHSponsorship
28/03/15Sleeping bag2900 UAHSponsorship
10/10/14Medicines4000 UAHSponsorship
10/10/14Cookies (boxes)6--Sponsorship
10/10/14Water 6L25--Sponsorship
10/10/14Food (boxes)4--Sponsorship
09/10/14Sleeping bags21200 UAHSponsorship
09/10/14Medicines4000 UAHSponsorship
Total: 15 099 UAH (413 USD)
Settlement account
19/10/1421:17UAH ******9520
19/10/1400:361 000 UAH ******7220
18/10/1412:5510 USD ******1526
17/10/1415:59300 UAH ******9758
17/10/1414:0450 UAH ******2691
17/10/1407:06200 UAH ******8432
17/10/1406:55100 UAH ******9815
17/10/1406:23200 UAH
16/10/1416:26200 UAH
16/10/1414:16100 UAH ******0606
16/10/1414:00700 UAH ******2741
16/10/1406:50400 UAH ******5626
16/10/1406:46300 UAH ******3983
16/10/1406:03100 UAH ******5410
15/10/1414:37150 UAH ******7172
15/10/1409:372 000 UAH
15/10/1405:4810 UAH ******4715
14/10/1414:031 000 UAH ******0090
14/10/1411:48150 UAH ******5708
14/10/1407:09150 UAH ******5023
14/10/1406:2640 UAH
14/10/1406:1525 UAH
14/10/1406:07180 UAH ******5737
14/10/1403:161 400 UAH
13/10/1412:02700 UAH
13/10/1409:56200 UAH ******4888
13/10/1409:00500 UAH ******5713
13/10/1409:0050 UAH ******1546
13/10/1409:0050 UAH ******1844
13/10/1409:00150 UAH ******4197
13/10/1409:00400 UAH ******2248
13/10/1409:00200 UAH ******8560
13/10/1409:00200 UAH ******8285
10/10/1414:44200 UAH
10/10/1413:4650 UAH ******1546
10/10/1411:2510 USD ******1526
10/10/1408:58150 UAH ******2600
09/10/1417:50200 UAH ******0017
09/10/1413:1750 UAH ******5504
09/10/1406:422 000 UAH ******0965
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 570 759.00 UAH (23 916 USD)
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899 788 UAH (24 605 USD)
Current project spending
02/11/2016Internal transfer1 199.90transferred to Elite Training for Military
08/11/2015Internal transfer1 737.30transferred to People’s Treatment 2
26/08/2015Internal transfer1 499.50transferred to Covers for Grad
20/08/2015Internal transfer1 48.15transferred to Covers for Grad
28/03/2015Sleeping bag2 900.00delivered to military unit А0224
28/03/2015Washing machine Whirpool AWE 2215 with filter1 4 998.90delivered to military unit А0224
28/03/2015Night vision device Yukon NV 5x601 6 500.00delivered to military unit А0224
28/03/2015Laser rangefinder Yukon Extend LRS-10001 8 000.00delivered to military unit А0224
28/03/2015Night vision device Pulsar Challenger GS4.5x601 6 700.00delivered to military unit А0224
12/03/2015Equipment20 5 820.00deliverd to soldier
26/12/2014Night vision device Hawke Rangefinder, 1000 meters.2 9 000.00delivered to military unit 3039
26/12/2014Night vision device Pulsar Challenger GS 4.5x602 13 400.00delivered to military unit 3039
26/12/2014Thermos Kovea5 1 575.00delivered to military unit А0224
26/12/2014Thermos Kovea7 2 205.00delivered to military unit А0224
26/12/2014Petrol generators FIRMAN, 5 kW1 13 402.36delivered to military unit А0224
26/12/2014Oil Yukoil Super Diesel 15Wб canister2 430.01delivered to military unit А0224
26/12/2014Warm boots66 7 722.00delivered to military unit 1080
26/12/2014Warm boots16 1 872.00delivered to military unit 3017
26/12/2014Basis for camouflage mesh, kg21,83 2 865.19delivered to military unit А0224
26/12/2014Battery ВСТ-100 F31 1 755.00delivered to military unit А0666
30/11/2014Injector MAZ12 2 853.36delivered to military unit А0224
30/11/2014Vehicle spare parts6 2 584.12delivered to military unit А1080
30/11/2014Petrol generator WPG 3600 A1 3 603.62delivered to military unit А0224
30/11/2014Voltage regulator4 100.08delivered to military unit А1743
30/11/2014Wheels swap truck for KrAZ12 2 520.00delivered to military unit А1743
30/11/2014Cable 2х1,5 mm2, copper, meters200 1 930.00delivered to military unit А1743
30/11/2014Oil ENI I-Sigma universal, liters3 164.75delivered to military unit А1743
30/11/2014Oil ENI I-Sigma universal, liters22,5 1 482.75delivered to military unit А0224
30/11/2014Diesel generator Forte FGD 6500E1 12 000.00delivered to military unit А1743
30/11/2014Vehicle spare parts34 758.22delivered to military unit А0224
30/11/2014Vehicle spare parts30 741.60delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Pickaxe, 2,5 kg100 12 300.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Base station Rocket M2 Omni M131 5 017.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Medications148 4 567.69delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Spare parts (transmission element and fans)9 2 765.80delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Set of gaskets for KAMAZ engine2 528.89delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Shovel120 4 920.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Car jack and tools190 42 895.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Radiator for ZIL 1302 7 111.20delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Balaclava250 8 750.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Fleece hat150 4 500.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Sleeping bag3 750.00delivered to volunteer organization "Patriot"
20/10/2014Sleeping bag, camouflage7 2 538.90delivered to volunteer organization "Patriot"
20/10/2014Sleeping bag27 6 750.00delivered to military unit 5509
20/10/2014Hydraulic oil HLP ISO 46, 20 l.1 1 160.00delivered to military unit А1080
20/10/2014Radiator for Ural 53232 8 600.02delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Gasoline chainsaw EA3203S40B, set10 28 280.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Tools for vehicle repair137 4 584.78delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Tool kit2 2 146.46delivered to military unit А0224
20/10/2014Water cooling radiator for Ural 43201 5 650.02delivered to military unit А0224
10/10/2014Medicines-- 4 000.00delivered to military unit A0224
09/10/2014Warm socks155 1 400.00delivered to military unit A0224
09/10/2014Medicines1 4 000.00delivered
09/10/2014Sleeping bags2 1 200.00delivered
05/10/2014Winter sleeping bags150 54 405.00delivered to military unit A0224
03/10/2014Tactical glasses ESS17 641.45purchased
02/10/2014Single-phase automatic switches 16А2 29.50delivered to military unit A0224
02/10/2014Electrical wire 2х2,5 mm50 483.50delivered to military unit A0224
02/10/2014Raincoats28 3 080.00delivered to military unit A0224
02/10/2014Mats199 417.90delivered to military unit A0224
02/10/2014Warm gloves199 2 388.00delivered to military unit A0224
02/10/2014Fleece balaclava80 2 000.00delivered to military unit A0224
02/10/2014Warm socks190 1 615.00delivered to military unit A0224
02/10/2014Thermal underwear199 26 865.00delivered to military unit A0224
02/10/2014Sleeping bags24 22 000.00delivered to military unit A0224
01/10/2014Chain oil 1 liter 1 55.00delivered to military unit A0224
01/10/2014Two-stoke engine oil 1 liter1 66.00delivered to military unit A0224
01/10/2014Chain Stihl1 115.00delivered to military unit A0224
01/10/2014“Makita” petrole-powered chain saw 1 2 689.50delivered to military unit A0224
27/09/2014Catalytic heater ZIPPO10 4 000.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
25/09/2014Toolkits30 42 895.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
15/09/2014Waterproof PSWP suits30 55 575.00transferred to First people’s scout
08/09/2014Car spare parts-- 600.00delivered to military unit A0224
04/09/2014Fork off clutch JMZ1 484.45delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Push spring diaphragm JMZ — 1841 2 164.18delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014clutch sleeve assembled (d = 60мм, l= 120 мм)1 2 584.12delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Loadcarring vest10 4 200.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014EHD140LA / 140 / 760A/ 512x186x228 / left positive / car battery2 2 900.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014ES100RA / 100 / 850 A/ 352 x175x190 / Right positive / car battery2 2 120.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014ES75RA / 75 / 540 A/ 274 x175x190 / Right positive / car battery2 1 750.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014ES62RA // Battery HAS / Right positive1 700.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Powder extinguisher VP-513 2 925.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Powder extinguisher Rubizh VP-56 1 182.60delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Batteries 70 1 017.80delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Metal jerrican КС-10 L15 3 825.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Metal jerrican КС-20 L15 4 425.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Chain Stihl, паз 1,3 мм, шаг 3/82 230.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Oil for chains, 1 L, Kettenoel2 130.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Oil for two-stroke engines, 1 l, Sturm2 150.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Fuel chainsaw EA3203S40B2 4 600.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Hydraulic bottle jack 5 t, 195-380 mm, Sparta14 2 240.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Blow torch, 2 L, Technics15 2 700.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Fitter hammer 500 gr, with wooden handle5 150.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Electric extension5 1 250.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Sledge 3 kg8 640.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Ax 1.5kg, with wooden handle, Juco8 1 968.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Scrap 1200mm, 4kg, round7 700.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Spade bayonet with handle 10 460.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014R1011 Round clamps for construction 200 mm200 1 668.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014М2097 Sledge12 1 452.24delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014L3045 Spade bayonet Р10052 2 499.12delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014R1041 Round clamps for construction 350 mm200 2 184.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014М1057 Fitter hammer20 710.40delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014М1047 Fitter hammer 20 609.60delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014L2073 Scrap 1000 mm15 1 330.20delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014L4002 Sand shovel Р10012 503.28delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Т1067 Ax with handle 24 2 236.32delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Voltage converter PN24-220-048 12 192.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Power unit D24-20-013 8 298.00delivered to military unit A 0224
04/09/2014Power unit D12-20-013 5 688.00delivered to military unit A 0224
03/09/2014Cylinder KGF3 84.00purchased
03/09/2014Rope 10 mm., 2300 кг. meters60 522.00purchased
03/09/2014Travel mat20 3 200.00purchased
03/09/2014Travel mat52 7 280.00purchased
03/09/2014Portable gas-stove Tramp3 1 080.00purchased
29/08/2014Spear parts for UAZ17 1 910.00delivered
28/08/2014Medications1 3 321.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
28/08/2014Chain Stihl 4 480.00delivered to military unit A0224
28/08/2014Oil for chain1 75.00delivered to military unit A0224
28/08/2014Oil Stihl 1 95.00delivered to military unit A0224
28/08/2014Chainsaw Stihl MB1802 5 400.00delivered to military unit A0224
27/08/2014Boots Romania530 29 150.00delivered to m.u. A0224, 1st and 2nd battalion
27/08/2014Boots Romania400 22 000.00delivered to m.u. A0224, 1st and 2nd battalion
27/08/2014Jerrican, 10L25 5 000.00delivered to military unit A0224
27/08/2014Oil for chains, 1L25 997.50delivered to military unit A0224
27/08/2014Engine oil, 1L25 2 252.50delivered to military unit A0224
27/08/2014Rasp 25 247.50delivered to military unit A0224
27/08/2014Chainsaw STIHL MS-17025 45 137.50delivered to military unit A0224
22/08/2014Sleeping bags30 0.00received
22/08/2014Travel mats15 1 606.50purchased
22/08/2014Travel mats13 1 521.00purchased
22/08/2014Travel mats17 1 872.00purchased
21/08/2014Metal canister25 5 000.00delivered to military unit A 0224
21/08/2014Chain 63 PS325 2 250.00delivered to military unit A 0224
21/08/2014Chain oil 1L25 1 197.00delivered to military unit A 0224
21/08/2014Engine oil 1L25 2 703.00delivered to military unit A 0224
21/08/2014Round rasp 4mm25 297.00delivered to military unit A 0224
21/08/2014Chainsaw MS 17025 54 165.00delivered to military unit A 0224
21/08/2014Wrench kit40 31 306.00delivered to military unit A 0224
21/08/2014Wrench 8 mm40 757.00delivered to military unit A 0224
15/08/2014Diesel generators FORTE FGD6500E4 32 880.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
13/08/2014Wireless mouse and keyboard 1 299.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
13/08/2014T-shirts80 4 400.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
13/08/2014Combat boots24 9 600.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
13/08/2014Singlet100 4 500.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
13/08/2014Singlet11 605.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
13/08/2014T-shirts71 4 615.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
13/08/2014T-shirts20 1 400.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
05/08/2014А4 paper1 39.90delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
05/08/2014Cartridge for printing flyers1 80.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
05/08/2014Tents1 300.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
05/08/2014Fuel and gas1 400.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
05/08/2014Stationery1 300.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
05/08/2014Repair of tents1 90.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
05/08/2014Internet for 79th brigade1 100.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
05/08/2014Fuel1 200.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
25/07/2014Diesel generator3 22 500.00delivered to military unit A 0224
Total: 899 788.13 UAH (24 605 USD)