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First day. First shot. First Hero

Three years ago we lived in expectation of great distress....

First day. First shot. First Hero

First day. First shot. First Hero

Three years ago we lived in expectation of great distress. Three years ago we suddenly lost the Crimea, and waited anxiously how far the so-called”big brother” would go and then – only the day that the gang of  Hirkina landed in Slavic territory, plagued by separatism and flying squads “enemies” like a fire sprang up in Donbas. We are all waiting for: will it be a great war or not, will we resist the creeping occupation or just let it happen.


The sky yesterday was peaceful over Slaviansk territory. The “Russian World” heard only the calls of fools
come here at night and in the of face Hirkina, FSB thugs and evil-doers

The condition of the Ukrainian army leaves much to be desired. from a total of 5,000 combat-ready soldiers, soldiers without a losses under orders, commanders without initiative – they’re not to provoke open war with Russia banned soldiers or to succumb to provocations and open fire under any circumstances. And these conditions were set exactly three years ago to the day, April 13, 2014.

Lieutenant-Colonel CSO SBU “Alpha” Alexander Dubovik. One of the first of the war wounded

On this day seriously wounded officer later told the Security Service, Lieutenant-Colonel CSO SBU “Alpha” Alexander Dubovik in a group of men performed tasks near Slaviansk. Around 9am at Semenivka, near Slaviasnsk, while travelling by car,  soldiers were caught in an ambush from terrorists from “alfivtsiv” who started shooting indiscrimanately. In this interview we reproduce the words from the officer from “Alpha” from a publication we follow, “Censor“.

“For us fire sighting was led by a group of fighters with ‘brilliant green’ uniforms, all of our movements were in full view. The chances of rescue were not high – we just were just shot at at random. We started fighting back, the authorities were not robotic and did not fully know what we faced, so our fire was significantly weakened. The situation became completely critical”, – the officer said. – “I started to fall asleep from blood loss. And then, a dream I heard heavy machine guns. I rolled on my back in a BTR! In the Marines, as it turned out, had strict orders: in any case not to open fire! Do not succumb to provocations! And this is exactly the APC came to us for help. Someone spat on all orders and hierarchy because of a gun! This guy saved us all – unfortunately, I do not know his name. He suppressed the fire of the “brilliant green”, we stopped to shoot upon sighting and the enemy began to retreat. It kept me going”.

The first few minutes after the fight at Semenivka. Within a few hours Acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov would announce the beginning of the antiterrorist operation

Here’s how photographer Anatoly Stepanov described it after he worked at the scene:

We name this mysterious guy who is actually well known. It is our good friend, whose unit we helped in the first days. Officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vadim Sukharev, a former commander of the 3rd company of the 80th Brigade, now 701 Combat Battalion, of the 36th Brigade of the Marines of Ukraine.

Vadim Sukharev in person

That day, in violation of the ceasefire, he personally rushed to the aid of “alfivtsyam” and the first time in history of a not yet declared war opened fire. If not, Vadim and his guys – probably all would have died. And so there were no casualties, killed in the shooting was Security Captain Gennady Bilichenko, while several soldiers received serious injuries.


Security Captain Gennady Bilichenko, one of the first victims of the Russian aggression

Vadim himself described those few intense minutes in the same interview to “Censor”: “I realized that whatever team and whatever happened the responsibility for the deaths of our colleagues will be on me. I gave the command to move forward. I sat down on the spot shooter that all responsibility for this decision was on me. Shooting in defeat, I decided to open mysel upf. Group of Zelentsy was the most dangerous, it was the biggest threat. I opened fire on them with heavy machine guns of the KPVT. In the first place they fell and began to retreat. I saw them pulling someone, do not give them heads up. Enemy fire was completely suppressed. I think I hurt someone – I saw them pulling someone. But the enemy quickly left the battlefield, from a well hidden locality as promoted.”

Excellent interview with Vadim Romanov Seagull, “Channel 5”

Since the fall of Vadim’s unit, it holds positions at Mariupol, and successfully retains defense, but also a little stubborn enemy thrust forward. Behind, although the nickname he knows only smiles Sukharev called “Badger”.

Vadim Sukharev and volunteers at the forefront in Mariupol

Stubborn and uncompromising, Vadim came here not just to keep the position and smoke the enemy from our land. One of the train, When we brought three powerful Ford vehicles for the Marines and Vadim accompanied our volunteer team at positions he expressed his opinion on the war.

“I came here to fight. I am with the guys and say, you see the enemy – shoot at the enemy. Fraternize with them to spare them play in generosity, we will not be here. They tell us no friends and no neighbors, they came here to kill us – then we will not give them no rest. This is not a resort, this is war. You see – shoot. All on point”.”/em>

From the first days of the Marines relocation to new positions, The People’s Project helped the soldiers of Sukharev helps soldiers under the separate special project Mariopul Defenders

Vadim – a great commander. He is not formulaic, and is really loved and respected by the fighters. He commands great respect among his fellow colleagues. Vadim – the officer is of the type, which, without hesitation, the men would march into hell.

Thank the man for the courage and determination for the initiative, for the excellent and faithful service to Ukraine. The project Mariupol Defenders, within which we collect your donations, aims to support Marines unit under his coomand.

At the moment, we are collecting money to buy thermal imaging equipment under the I am Sniper project, we gave these to Marines a little earlier, so your help is very appropriate. Yes,without your donations for the project it does not allow us to equip Marines with the latest military technology. And they will be sure to continue to battle with all enemies that come across their way. Your donations to the needs of the boys of “Badger” – are really a significant contribution to Ukraine’s common future victory.


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