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Soon to be standing on his own feet after almost a year

It has been almost a year since the fateful battle...

Soon to be standing on his own feet after almost a year

Soon to be standing on his own feet after almost a year

It has been almost a year since the fateful battle that left him critically injured. Today Vitaliy Grigoryev is already at home, awaiting his time to re-learn to walk.

Vitaliy was treated in various clinics and the diagnosis throughout was amputation of both legs. This was something he felt strongly against and refused consent to the amputations. Miraculously, as his reslove was about to dissolve he learned about the clinic Ilaya and its use of modern stem cell based biotechnology to preserve limbs before amputation could take place.

With the help of donors and sponsors, the lion’s share of money for treatment was raised. With modern biotechnological methods both legs could be potentially saved.

According to Vitaly, public hospitals are trying to dispense of their military patients to hide their shortcomings. The wounded are being being placed in the hands of inexperienced doctors. Many men do not even know about more modern methods of treatment. The approach taken by Ukrainian medicine is it is much easier to amputate the limb than trying to cure it…


Vitaliy’s courage impressive and inspiring simultaneously. Especially when you consider the pressure with which he is coping with his illness and a half years ago was to defend the homeland:

“I was a volunteer. As were all who served in the 6th division of the 2nd Battalion of the 93rd Brigade – all came from the battalion “Donbass”. We had over 150 men in the volunteer division.”

In January 2015 during the storming of the Donetsk Airport, the men tried to make a breakthrough. Before the battalion was the task of capturing a monastery, which at the time was fortified. Terrorists had taken the opportunity of the ceasefire to strengthen the monastery against attack. The 93rd Brigade reconnaissance units repeatedly drew attention to this fact A month before the assault fighters informed the General Staff about the fortification, but Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko took over responsibility for the assault.

The volunteer told us about the fierce battle in which he almost lost his legs, gross errors of management and the intentional concealment of information by doctors at public hospitals about the availability of biotechnology treatment:

“When we came – we were waiting for it. During the entire existence of the airport battle, it was probably the most bitter. They understood that we were going to try to break through, so threw all their forces at us to prevent us from doing so. There were dense mortar attacks and snipers working on their part. And we had inexperienced guys in the tanks…from 10 tanks, only two were left  – turned around and fled.

There was no cover fire when the boys went into the assault. Communication was jammed. When the first attempt to go on the assault was made (under the guise of single BMP infantry fighting vehicle) a shell exploded next to me. Twelve men were hit. This too was an error by command because they could not be collected. But the order was for all to go…

Wounded, I tried to go back. The guys helped. Then came the second mortar attack. We tried to cover the wounded bodies of many guys, but it was pointless because we ourselves were wounded, instead they had to hide behind us. A BMP came to us, and took us to the communications station. That is where all the wounded had been transported. The terrorists knew about it – saw us and began firing on the station…

We were brought on to Right Sector paramedics, girls provided assistance … Next thing we were all in different hospitals…”

We have filmed video (in Russian) where Vitaliy discusses the possibility of amputation and prosthetics as being touted as a better option than saving his limbs.

To ensure people are not afraid to consult our volunteers, or the ilaya Medical Center directly, Vitaly frankly tells his story:

After recovery, Vitaliy will return to his 6th division company, because,  for them, the war is over, yet their experience is vital and their knowledge can be imparted to newly mobilized troops. His experience of biotech treatment he is already sharing with the largest audience possible.



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