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SSU detains medics who solicited bribe from ATO veteran

As a result of special operation, the Security Service of...

SSU detains medics who solicited bribe from ATO veteran

SSU detains medics who solicited bribe from ATO veteran

As a result of special operation, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has detained a few medics for bribery. An officer of the Ministry of Defense Central Medical Board solicited a bribe of $1.5 thousand from a wounded ATO veteran for granting him a disability category.

This was the information the fighter himself, Petro Oleksyuk, informed volunteers of the People’s Project center.

The officials at the Ministry of Defense Central Medical Board and Kyiv City Center for Social and Medical Expertise #1, solicited a bribe from the fighter of the 90th battalion of the 81st Brigade Petro Oleksyuk (callsign Tiger) and his father Pavlo Oleksyuk (callsign Alex) with whom they served in the forefront.

“When it came to processing the documents evidencing the infirmity while at war, the officials of the Social and Medical Expertise Center started impeding the process. Later, an officer of the above Board called my father offering a meeting. At the “meeting” he informed that granting the infirmity category would cost one and a half thousand dollars”, – Petro tells.

Petro in the course of bioengineering rehabilitation

Immediately following the call, the father and son applied to the Security Service of Ukraine. The SBU officers carried out a special operation which allowed to bring to light not only the official of the Medical Board but also his “sidekick” at Kyiv Medical Expertise Center #1.

Kyiv Medical Expertise Center official during the arrest

On the 5th of December, the SSU carried out two searches, at Kyiv Medical Expertise Center and Central Medical Board. All the suspects engaged in bribery, have been arrested. A major amount of money in USD have been found at Kyiv Medical Expertise Centers’ offices.

An officer of Kyiv Medical Expertise Center during arrest

Petro Oleksyuk was injured in the forefront on the 9th of May, 2017. He lost his heel bone and got the bones of the right shin and foot severely wounded in the explosion of the internationally prohibited PMN-2 landmine.

At conventional hospitals, the man who since 2015 had been fighting in the hottest spots of Donbas, was offered the only ultimate option, amputation.

Thanks to volunteers of People’s Project, he got the chance for full recuperation when chose the bioengineering method of rehabilitation.