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Petro, 23. The third phase of treatment is in progress

Treatment | 

Petro, 23. The third phase of treatment is in progress

Petro, 23. The third phase of treatment is in progress

How Petro is being saved:

Petro Ol-injury scheme-engl


Petro is 23. He is a paratrooper with the 90th battalion of the 81st Separate Air Mobile Brigade. Wounded near Dokuchaievsk.


Right foot; consequences of blast injury of the right foot:
– severe damage to the soft tissues of the right foot bottom;
– severe damage to the heel bone;
– displaced fracture of the talus;
– complicated screw-shaped fracture of the right tibia at the edge of the middle and lower thirds and splinter bone at the middle third.

Petro O-X-ray
Comparative X-rays explaining the complications

Petro O-X-ray comperison-eng

If not the Biotech: to be honest, Petro’s trauma is extremely bad and hardly comparable to those our project dealt with before. In fact, his foot had been disconnected from the leg and crushed in pieces; fractures of the tibia, splinter bone, and blood circulation problems make the situation even worse. As to regular state medical help in Ukraine, the only way of treatment it can provide is amputation. And the complex multi-staged reconstructive rehabilitation incorporating intricate plastic surgery and cell technology is the only beam of hope. Ilaya clinic doctors who have been of great help in many similar cases are ready to do everything they can to save Petro’s leg and to bring it back to full natural functionality. But honestly, this smiling guy is unlikely to dance salsa even if they succeed, still, he will surely walk on his own legs instead of limping on prosthetic.

Recommended treatment: reconstructive rehabilitative treatment of the right foot injury incorporating plastic surgery and biotechnologies.

Petro Ol-in 1

More information about the wounded:

Petro is a paratrooper of the 90th battalion of the 81st Separate Air Mobile Brigade. He got a severe explosion injury near Elenivka village situated on the occupied territory between Dokuchaievsk and Donetsk. On the 9th of May, 2017 during his reconnaissance mission he stepped on an anti-personnel mine. Usually PMN-2 device does not leave any chance for soldiers tearing their legs off, and blood losses, injuries and shock quickly complete their destructive work. Fortunately, Petro’s been lucky – he stayed alive despite the heavy foot injuries. Before he got to the “Biotech” initiative, the guy had suffered a lot in different hospitals. His first medical aid he was given in Volnovakha, then he had been taken to Dnipro, then Odesa, and at last to Kyiv Military Hospital. Petro went through seven operations which proved to be of no good for him as official medicine is still unable to cope with his complicated injury. His amputation surgery date had already been scheduled, but Kyiv volunteers who are taking care of Petro, decided to use their last chance and asked for help from the “Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded” initiative. At that moment Petro almost abandoned hope and prepared to the worst: he had been worn out by numerous surgeries and intense pain. Luckily, Ilaya clinic’s medical staff gave Petro the beam of hope and initiated the rehabilitation process.

Petro Ol-in 2 surgery graphic

Petro was born in Zhytomyr region, Baranivsky district. Before the war he studied at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv at the Radiophysics faculty. He was keen on sports, radio electronics, and design. In 2013 he participated The Revolution of Dignity. In the autumn of 2014 he felt he could not stay aside the ongoing war. He took an academic vacation and joined the contract military service. In June 2015 he served in the ATO zone where defended his country for two consecutive years as a paratrooper of the 90th battalion of the 81st Separate Air Mobile Brigade. His unit operated in Avdiivka, Opytne, Zaitseve, Novotroitske. In this period of time Petro mostly took part in dangerous reconnaissance operations on the territory occupied by terrorists.

Petro Ol-in 3 war

Today Petro’s most cherished dream is to walk on his own legs. To get it fulfilled the brave guy is ready to take even time-consuming and difficult rehabilitation. His girlfriend Maria whom he met in the University years, has always been his best supporter. Petro has lots of friends among the soldiers, volunteers, journos and ordinary people who candidly back him in his tough times as well.

Petro Ol-in 4

Given Petro’s leg condition and his extremely severe and massive injury, the treatment will certainly take time, efforts and need a few stages. During the first one doctors will carry out several plastic surgeries to compensate the soft tissues defects and restore blood circulation in the affected area. Besides, at the same time biotechnologists will take biomaterials and provide the reserve of cells necessary for further treatment. And only on completing of the first stage we will be able to draw further plans as its outcome is still unknown so no predictions can be made.


Budget update:

When joining the project ‘Bioengineering rehabilitation for Wounded’ Petro’s state was too serious to make any assumption as to his reaction to the future treatment. He was enrolled in the project practically an hour prior to planned amputation. But there still was a hope to save his foot, so we ventured to use literally the last chance. At first, we commenced fundraising for only the first stage of treatment – to save from amputation what was left from his foot and to grow cell materials for further use. Decisions on further treatment had to be made after the first stage is over.

Today the first stage is already behind: numerous plastic operations have been done, the threat of immediate amputation has passed. Now Petro has to go through a long and gradual restoration of the injured foot. The injury is very complicated, there are still a lot of work ahead, but the chances of recovery have become more real. So, from now on, we start fundraising for the next stages of treatment.

Itemized costs for diagnosis and treatment

First stage: 561,721.5 UAH

1. Complex medical testing (Therapy, Orthopedics, Bio-insurance) – 16,684 UAH
2. Tibia and red bone marrow fragments sampling (incl. 40% discount) – 15,802.5 UAH
3. Endothelial cells, 80 million cells (incl. 50% discount) – 63,525 UAH
4. Periosteal cells, 80 million cells (incl. 50% discount) – 63,525 UAH
5. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from bone marrow, 200 million (incl. 50% discount) – 127,050 UAH
6. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), allogeneous, 100 million (incl. 50% discount) – 50,000 UAH
7. Bone bloc, heel, custom made (incl. 40% discount) – 21,023 UAH
8. Bone chips (incl. 40% discount) – 21,000 UAH
9. Anesthetics (incl. 15% discount) – 27,200 UAH
10. Medications and surgical supplies – 17,410 UAH
11. Reconstructive and rehabilitative treatment in hospital, up to 10 complex operations (incl. 40% discount) – 138,502 UAH

Second stage:244,477.75 UAH

1. Complex medical testing (Therapy, Orthopedics, Bio-insurance) – 24,784.25 UAH
2. Anesthetics (incl. 15% discount) – 15,045 UAH
3. Medications and surgical supplies – 25,199 UAH
4. Reconstructive and rehabilitative treatment in hospital, up to 10 complex operations (incl. 40% discount) – 179,449.5 UAH

Third stage:367,845 UAH

1. Complex medical testing (Therapy, Orthopedics, Bio-insurance) – 3,405 UAH
2. Anesthetics (incl. 15% discount) – 13,181 UAH
3. Medications and surgical supplies – 30,142 UAH
4. Reconstructive and rehabilitative treatment in hospital, up to 10 complex operations (incl. 40% discount) – 321,117 UAH

Cost of treatment including medical center discount of 44%: 1,174,044 UAH