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The defenders of Ukraine, the cells and the borscht with the sour cream. One day of life of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project

Few days ago the head of The People’s Project 

The defenders of Ukraine, the cells and the borscht with the sour cream. One day of life of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project

The defenders of Ukraine, the cells and the borscht with the sour cream. One day of life of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project

Few days ago the head of The People’s Project Maxym Ryabokon with a small group of the volunteers went to The Ilaya Clinic to visit the wounded defenders of Ukraine and check how are they treated there in terms of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project.

The coordinator of the volunteer initiative The People’s Project Maxym Ryabokon

At the entrance we are greeted by the reporters of the Channel Five, who are trying to clarify the details of the conflict with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The lawyer of The Ilaya Clinic Denys Lytvyn notices sadly, that despite the fact, that the International Classification of Diseases includes few thousand of items, there are only near a hundred of protocols approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to treat that diseases. From the point of view of the law big part of the medical procedures, that Ukrainian doctors use every day is the same “quackery”, as the latest cellular technology.

Maxym Ryabokon is irritated because of the unfriendly gestures of the representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which make work of the volunteers much more difficult

It is pity, that instead of the search of a compromise, the representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine categorically deny the possibility of recovery of wounded Ukrainian soldiers with the use of the cellular technology. Despite the successful treatment results of more than fifty defenders of Ukraine, they stubbornly call this method “experimental”. This is not the constructive position, and it is very difficult for volunteers to work in such a conditions. The director of The People’s Project is annoyed because it is really hard to explain the position of the volunteers to the leaders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

We wrote about Volodymyr before. He experienced severe and painful surgery recently. Today Volodymyr is able walk on his own legs.

Volodymyr few days after the surgery

We follow the Volodymyr to the entrance of the clinic. We come to the clinic not only to visit the defenders that go through the treatment process. We would like to bust the myth created by the opponents of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project. They say that cellular technology is not studied enough to the sufficient level and poses a terrible threat with the time. They predict for all the patients of the project to die from severe and unexpected consequences. It is better to get to know about the details of this kind of medication from the person, who dedicated half of life studying the cellular technology.


The leading specialists of The Ilaya Clinic Volodymyr Oksymets and Dmytro Zubov

Volodymyr Oksymets is an orthopaedist of the highest category. He is the father of the cellular treatment technology in Ukraine and one of the masterminds of The Biotech. He is the right person to say something about the cellular technology. When we came Volodymyr Oksymets was performing the surgery. We used this time to visit the wounded soldiers who are now going through the rehabilitation process.

One of the patients of the project is Volodymyr. The treatment process for him goes according to the plan even though it takes a long time. Volodymyr was wandering through the public hospitals in search of the way to treat his wound. Postponing of the correct treatment led to the collapse of the head of the neck of the hip joint. In the place of the injury was formed a false joint.

The cellular technology gives Volodymyr hope for the recovery

Usually elderly people suffer from the slow metabolism and metabolic disorder. Their bones lose calcium and become extremely brittle. The most sensitive in this case is the hip joint. It complicates the treatment process. In this case doctors suggest to implant the artificial joint.

Such a prosthesis was offered to Volodymyr also. But he refused to consider himself crippled, and turned to The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project. The cellular technology is now slowly and steadily help Volodymyr to form a new bone tissue.

The neighbor of the Volodymyr is a defender of Ukraine also Volodymyr. He was injured by the explosion of the Grad projectile three meters away from him. Volodymyr was injured by the piece of the shell which torn the skin and muscles of the left leg, and heavily damaged the bone.

Volodymyr went through the 16 surgeries. The chance for the complete recovery he got only when turned to The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project

The doctors in the military hospital, wanted to cut Volodymyr’s leg off. He changed several military hospitals and got the piece of his own bone implanted into the wound. That was a temporary structure, because such bone is not strong enough for the leg to hold the weight of the body during walking. Today, the patient’s own stem cells are restoring the defect. With the time the cells will cover with the new bone tissue the bone matrix, installed in place of the defect. This will give the bone the strength of the monolith.

While talking to Volodymyr, one more soldier in a wheelchair is being delivered to the chamber. Both legs of the man are fixes by the Ilizarov apparatuses. In his hands he holds the wrench, and laughs, comparing himself to a plumber..

Vitaliy does not lose his optimism

The treatment process of Vitaliy continues for over than 18 month, due to the severe injuries. He had just received one more surgery. Vitaliy nicknamed Cyborg went through the hell of the Donetsk airport. He was injured when the enemy’s mine exploded under his feet. In the military hospital doctors suggested to cut off one led, and in the Mechnikov hospital of Dnipropetrovsk, despite the legendary skills, the doctors suggested to cut of the second leg. Luckily Vitaliy went to The Ilaya Clinics in Kyiv.

This is the condition of the Vitaliy’s legs. He got them saved from the amputation, and got the opportunity to walk without any additional support in the nearest future

The treatment is difficult. The doctors are struggling with the recurrent complications and the consequences of the tissue infection. Now Vitaliy has a chance to recover. He is really tired but ready to suffer for a little more time to recover completely.

Volodymyr and Vitaliy compete who of them two have the most uncomfortable metal apparatus on their legs. They both keep optimism and despite the severe injuries and painful treatment process keep joking.
For lunch recovering defenders of Ukraine get the borscht with the sour cream. Despite the innovative methodology of the clinic, the traditional Ukrainian dishes are served here.

Maksym Ryabokon and the patients of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project discuss the problems of the implementation of the modern technology of treatment

We left the patients to have their lunch, and went to the office of Volodymyr Oksymets. The doctor has finished the surgery and awaits for us. Despite the honorable age Volodymyr Oksymets radiates cheerfulness and genuine youthful enthusiasm. He calls the ignorant those doctors, who accuse the cellular technology in being dangerous way of treatment. Volodymyr Oksymets dedicated the significant part of his life to the development and study of the cellular technology. He can easily explain all the nuances of this technology.

There are two types of stem cells. First ones are the cells taken from the embryonic biomaterials of the other person. In the body of the recipient they can evolve into something uncontrollable. So the medicine uses them only in extreme cases, when the risk of application of them is lower than the risks of the disease. The second type of the stern cells are the patient’s own cells. They are safe to use in the same patient’s body, and can not be developed into something else besides the specific necessary tissue. This is the type of cells that is used during the cellular treatment at The Ilaya Clinic. This type of cells have never caused any negative consequences. The cellular technology is being used at the clinic for over 10 years, and there was never raised the issue of cancer or any other side effects.

Vitaliy and Volodymyr met us at the entrance, when we were about to leave. They thanked to all the volunteers for the job they do for the injured defenders of Ukraine here, and for the Ukrainian soldiers at the front line.

And this is the worst moment of the visit to the hospital, when guys, who went through the hell of the war and painful treatment thank you for giving them the last chance. It means that despite all the hard work of the volunteers and all the difficulties that arise this job worth to be continued.