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The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine honored the volunteers of The People’s Project

Few days ago the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine honored...

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine honored the volunteers of The People’s Project

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine honored the volunteers of The People’s Project

Few days ago the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine honored the volunteers with the memorable awards. The volunteers, who give their strength and time to strengthen and improve the Ukrainian Army. The honorary awards dedicated to the Volunteer Day received almost 500 volunteers. Among the others the Defense Ministry of Ukraine honored the volunteers of The People’s Project.

Long ago we were criticized about the fact, that one of the co-founders of The People’s Project was the head of the Volunteers Council at the Ministry of Defense David Arahamiya. According to the opinion of the skeptics the volunteers of The People Project should be covered with the awards and personal medals. But we never used any secret connections to get the awards. The easiest way to show your participation is to show the real results, and not some imaginary achievements. About this will tell the head of The People’s Project Maxym Ryabokon:

And now all the hard work of the volunteers of the project is appreciated and honored. Without any backstage intrigue. The same award received the Davyd himself. And now we will show you some photos, that will tell you more than any words.


Only a few people were honored by the Minister himself.
One of those people was the co-founder of the The People’s Project Davyd Arahamiya


The manager of The People’s Project Maksym Ryabokon.
He is not doing his job for the medal, but he till deserved one


The handyman of The People’s Project Viacheslav Romanenko. He spends days and days at the auto service station, where he turns the military vehicles back to life in terms of The Spare Parts and Supplies Project and The Spare Parts and Supplies 2 Project


This is Maxym Stanislavskyi. On the many photos you can see the Armored Personnel Carriers covered with the steel shields, which protect them from the projector charges. Those shields and many other useful things were developed for the Ukrainian Army by Maxym.


The major of the reserve Igor Kutsar is one of volunteers of The People’s Project was one of the first, who started to help the Ukrainian Army, and especially the Marines Corps


The two generations of the Kravts family. The older Roman and younger Andriy. With the help of those men thousands of the Ukrainian soldiers at the front line stay there in a cozy, comfortable and safe blindages.


Oleksandrs Zinchenko is trying to hide behind the Maksym’s back.
The biggest part of the administrative nuances is the part of her job

It would be absolutely honest to say that mentioned award is the achievement of every concerned citizen, each person who wants see the Ukraine strong and independent, and its army invincible. Great thanks to everyone who is able to help and support the initiative with money or a good deal. Thank you for your trust and support. Join the project to save life.

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