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They are close. The support from the Ukrainians from abroad

The volunteer work gives you the unique feeling. This feeling...

They are close. The support from the Ukrainians from abroad

They are close. The support from the Ukrainians from abroad

The volunteer work gives you the unique feeling. This feeling you get, when understand, that every Ukrainian have a big loving heart and is always ready to help a neighbor, despite of the distance.

The People’s Project often receive help from the communities of the Ukrainian emigrants from abroad. Few days ago 2,000 USD were transferred for The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project. People collected as much as they could and transferred. Easy. It is not an astronomical amount, but its enough to pay for a significant part of the treatment of some wounded Ukrainian soldier. It is funny, but this amount of money was sent to us from a far community of American Santa Barbara City. The same city, that was proclaimed by more than two thousand episodes of the legendary series with the same name.


The horrible wounds like this cannot be treated without the huge expenses. Ukrainians from abroad also contribute to the projects

Just recently we conducted The Ukraine’s Paralympic Heroes Project. And the second part of it is still to be conducted. Printing of the several posters was financed by the Ukrainians from China. The Ukrainian community of Shanghai City donated 4,000 UAH.


The Ukrainians fron Shanghai joined the project, that proclaims Ukrainian paralympic champions

Since the early days of the war the Ukrainian Community of Spain is deeply concerned about the destiny of both Defenders of Ukraine at the ATO zone, who hold positions at the front line and about the wounded ones. Those men who have amputations and prosthetics, undergo rehabilitation and restoration at the best clinics of Spain. Of course, this will not bring them their limbs back, but a few weeks in Europe under the supervision of the qualified professionals are certainly a good thing.

Andriy Kushnir is one of the members of the Ukrainian community called ‘Who but us’ from the province of Alicante. The man says that the Ukrainians from the community tries to help all the way they can, despite the thousands of kilometers that separate them from the Ukraine.


Andriy Kushnir (the one holding the flag on the left) and the wounded Ukrainian soldiers at the airport

“All that is done is done for the best of the wounded Ukrainian soldiers someone’s ‘Thank You!’ The foreign community participate the way they can to help the Ukraine withstand against the enemy. It is not only money for treatment. We pay for the rehabilitation, medical consultations, a large number of medical devices, automobiles (the SUVs and specific transport, such as 7 reanimobiles), equipment and clothing. We help the way we can,” – says Andriy. We need to mention that to the fund raise for the reanimobiles contributed not only the local communities. To this case joined the Ukrainian throughout Spain.


One of the doezens of Ukrainians Sergiy Hrapko, who has the prosthesis that was produced thanks to the contributions of the Ukrainians in Spain

The power of the unity of the Ukrainian community in Spain we ca feel ourselves in Ukraine. Just recently with the help of the joint effort of the communities of Spanish provinces of Alicante, Seville, Tarragona and Valencia we received the transfer with a significant amount of money for the one of the fighters of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project. Almost 7,000 EUR were transferred to Ukraine for the treatment of Sergiy.


The manager of The People’s Project Maksym Ryabokon and Sergiy at The Ilaya Clinic

Sergiy has serious injuries and the threatening bone defect, so the donations from the Ukrainians of Spain allowed to pay for a significant part of the medical procedures. Also, we want to note that Sergiy receives help besides of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project, where he receives the treatment with help of the specific innovative cellular technology. Previously Sergiy and his colleagues went through the course of rehabilitation at hospitals in Spain.


Photo of Sergiy during the rehabilitation in Spain

Sergiy knows his saviors personally, so he turned to them in the following video to thank for help.

The support of the Ukrainians from abroad is also noticeable at the front line. Andriy says that each community has its own contacts with the defenders of Ukraine at the hottest spots of the front line, so they transfer to the there the most necessary stuff. The most famous example is the van of the military volunteer paramedics ‘ASAP EMC Khottabych’ team (which includes a ‘Breeze’ team of Galyna Almazova), which they received from the Spanish community. Also, the community always help with the money and medicine, because the vans of the medical volunteers constantly need the routine maintenance and replenishment of medicine.


Galyna Almazova and the van of the “Breeze’ crew. That is the van that was granted by the community of the Ukrainians of Spain

Especially noticeable is the medical support at the front line. The communities of Spain finance the prosthetics for the defenders of Ukraine in Ukraine, and transfer significant amounts of medication. Also, they took the soldiers to Spain treat them there. A good example is the case of the Ukrainian soldier Oleg Ivahnyuka. He was severely injured and almost lost his hope to recover. After another surgery at one of the state hospital his condition significantly deteriorated. The compatriots from abroad took the responsibility for the hopeless patients.


First the representatives of the community of The Ukrainians of Spain invited the wounded Ukrainian soldiers to Spain for the rest. And then they decided to threat them in there. Volodymyr (on the left) came home without the crutches with the handy prosthesis

Before the Spain Volodymyr was limping on the old prosthesis made by the Soviet technology. Not it is hard to even tell that the man has only one leg

“We treat Oleg for a year already. In Ukraine there were opportunity to somehow help him. He was brought to Barcelona a year ago, where he is being treated since then. For his treatment it was collected over 50,000 EUR. Now he is being treated in the private clinic. From the first day all the health care of Oleg is paid at the expense of the donations of the ordinary people,”- says Andriy.
We distributed the request for help among all the communities, and people gladly responded to the it.

The communities also collected the money for the treatment of the other defenders of Ukraine. And if there is a possibility to treat someone for less than the collected amount, the difference is used for the needs of the other wounded soldier. The communities of Spain deal with the issues of the rehabilitation and the prosthetics for the injured Ukrainian soldiers.

“For the first group of 14 people we collected over 50,000 EUR. The funds were collected for the treatment of the one particular soldier, but since we were able to arrange the surgery for him for free the funds were distributed for the rehabilitation and prosthetics of the other Ukrainian soldiers,” – said Andriy Kushnir.


The wounded defenders of Ukraine during the rehabilitation in Spain with the volunteers Maria Vertetska and Erika Kostetska

We are more than confident that even in the most difficult times we have someone to rely on. The helping hand often appears at a time, when you no longer await for it. A good example are the Ukrainians, who live in Spain. They joined into a great community, found contacts among themselves and united to do a good thing all together. They are far away from home, but still remain connected.

We would like to thank all the communities and separate Ukrainians of Spain, who organized for the support for the Ukrainian Army in its fight against the enemy:

Maria Vertetska, who became a second mother for many soldiers
Erica Kostetska, an active volunteer from the La Nucia City, Benidorm
The ‘Army Sos Murcia’ Union (also on Facebook)
The ‘With Ukraine’ Con Ucrania’ Association of Madrid (also in Facebook)
The ‘Malaga Maidan’ Association
The ‘Who but us’ Community of the province of Alicante and Andriy Kushnir personally
The ‘The Ukrainians of Torrevieja’ Association of the province of Alicante
The Community of the Church parishioners of Valencia City and the province
The Community of the Church parishioners of Seville City and the province
The ‘Khortytsya’ Community of the Ukrainians of Tarragona
The Ukrainian Community of Guissona, and Andriy (who cares about the treatment of Oleg Ivahnyuka) personally
The Ukrainian Community of Barcelona, and Myhailo (who cares about the treatment of Oleg Ivahnyuka) personally
And a big thank to all the other separate Ukrainians and Ukrainian communities all over the Spain, who do not disclose their charitable activity.