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Ukraine National Guard soldier threatened with disability: video

A wounded National Guard soldier is threatened with permanent disability...

Ukraine National Guard soldier threatened with disability: video

Ukraine National Guard soldier threatened with disability: video

A wounded National Guard soldier is threatened with permanent disability due to a lack of funds for his treatment. the cost of treatment is 611 899 UAH.

Meet 37-year-old Volodymyr. The Lviv native was mobilized to the ATO zone in August 2014, Volodymyr defended Ukraine in the Luhansk Oblast, nitially in Debaltseve, then was transferred to the Popasna area.

During a combat mission in June 19 2015, Volodymyr was hit by shelling. The National Guard was involved in a 6am watch change of personnel at a checkpoint near Popasna. A hail of enemy fire covered the checkpoint, shells even hit residential buildings civilians. Along with Volodymyr, a local resident was wounded.

Hear the fighter describe the situation in his own words (in Ukrainian):

After a year of treatment in public hospitals his left leg remains non-operational. During that time the fighter underwent 16 operations on his leg – first he was treated for purulent infection in the wound, then then fitted with a device to deal with the tibia defect and replace it with the fibula, but after repeated displacement of the bone more surgery was performed. The injured leg has a bone defect – 14 cm, and if left untreated with more modern technology his left leg will be left 6 cm shorter. More details about Volodymyr’s injuries can be read at this link.

This is one of the most difficult cases in the history of the Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded project, because of the amount of bone needed to be regenerated to treat the size of Volodymyr’s defect. The cost of treatment – 611 899 UAH, is also comparatively large, however this represents his only chance.

To return leg function and full motion, reconstructive and restorative treatment of the tibia using biotechnology.

Please help spread the word and to financially support the Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded project click the “Donate Now” button:



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