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Wounded 30th Brigade soldier talks of “miraculous” survival

The People’s Project talks with wounded hero from...

Wounded 30th Brigade soldier talks of “miraculous” survival

Wounded 30th Brigade soldier talks of “miraculous” survival

The People’s Project talks with wounded hero from Novograd Volyn – 27-year-old Oleksandr. Mobilized 22 March 2014, the senior soldier miraculously survived the mortar attack from the Russian invaders. However, his survival came at a price.

As a result of severe injuries, Oleksandr has ongoing problems with his right foot, he experiences pain when walking, the foot swells and the pain increases. Oleksandr has been in this state about a year. He wants to work but can not because of the problems with his foot. If untreated, the condition will continue to deteriorate possibly leading to amputation. His salvation lies in biotechnology (video in Ukrainian).

A native of Zhytomyr, waiting at home for him is his family – his wife, 5-year-old son and 18-month-old daughter.


The fighter is currently undergoing treatment utilizing modern biotechnology as part of the Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded project. The first phase of treatment (plastic surgery) is behind him. Now Oleksandr is waiting for reconstructive and restorative treatment of the foot, which will hels to bring the bones of the foot into the correct physiological position and return full leg function.

Oleksandr served in the 6th unit of the 30th Battalion in the second mechanized brigade. He came under mortar attack in the village of Krasnaya Polyana, in the Luhansk region (near Lutuhynovo).

“We had just come from the area under Miusynsk. What followed were two days of silence. Then, on that day the enemy set up a  Grad launcher, it stood for 15 minutes then began covering us with mortars,” said the fighter from his bed in the clinic.

“I took cover behind some machinery. The commander of another platoon as the first mortar shell exploded was pierced in the heart. The commander was killed on the spot. The second shell mortar fell near me, and shrapnel flew. I crawled to a tank 100 meters away and lay underneath it. When the fire was over, I got out and that’s when I noticed my foot. During the attack I could not see it and did not notice any pain, but I have a hole in my boot, there’s visible bone, blood running…I came to the position  on one leg. And then I see the commander. He’s just lying there. I called out to the boys, they go to him – but he was 200 (code for dead – ed)… ”

Oleksandr could only be evacuated a day later, all the while he was kept on anesthetic. For almost 18 months he was treated in various military hospitals. From the foot fragments of bone were removed, a fixation device was fitted and the wound closed. Later treatment of injuries to the bones was conducted because of the foot bones remained displaced and had not recovered.

Doctors at the iLaya (Facebook page in Ukrainian) clinic are now doing everything possible to save Oleksandr’s foot.

Money for treatment of the hero has already been collected, thanks to donations. However, the number of wounded lining up for treatment with biotechnology has not decreased.
Since the state does not support the treatment of wounded soldiers with modern biotechnology, hospitals only offer amputation and prosthetics. 

You and I can not allow defenders lives to be destroyed. We continue to collect funds for their treatment.

The movement of income and expenditure can be seen in our online reporting available at this link. To contribute please click the “Donate Now” button below.


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