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Olexandr, 25. Fully recovered

How Olexandr’s treatment is progressing:


Olexandr, 25. Fully recovered

Olexandr, 25. Fully recovered

How Olexandr’s treatment is progressing:

16.07.2015: How are our soldiers?


25.06.2015: Olexandr undergoes surgery on his foot

18.06.2015: Оlexandr prepares for basic operation

16.03.2015: Olexandr preparatory surgery

10.03.2015: How does the treatment of the soldiers go

Wounded: Olexandr, 25, paratrooper wounded near Debaltseve
Wound: Left foot: Heavy shrapnel injuries of the foot, 75% of calcaneus is lost
Required treatment: Reconstructive and restorative treatment of the foot using cellular technology

Treatment of this case with traditional methods do not exist (prosthesis are of no use), unless Olexandr is treated with stem cell technology his foot will not be able to support weight and he will be permanently disabled.

More about the wounded:
Olexandr is a fighter of the 25th Dnipropetrovsk Airborne Brigade, who was wounded on September 6, near Debaltseve. The Ukrainian army convoy was on its way to Shchastya, but was ambushed by the enemy.
Because of massive fire from RPGs many of Olexandr’s brothers-in-arms were injured or killed. Olexandr received burns, concussion and numerous injuries to his hands and feet. The vehicle, which Olexandr was passenger in, burned completely.


Unconscious, the soldier was immediately put into the nearest ditch, and the shootout lasted for a long time. Even the ambulance, which carried Olexandr barely escaped from the fire. Since then, the soldier has had 17 operations because of infection developing in his wounds. There was even a threat of amputation. One of the major bones of his foot – the calcaneus was almost completely shattered, and can not be restored with conventional treatment.



Therefore, to help the hero not only doctors and volunteers, but also journalists got involved – they had to “dig” through a lot of treatment options until they found out about the possibility of restoring bone using stem cell technology as part of the “Bioengineering rehabilitation for wounded”.


The soldier was mobilized on March 23, and during that time managed to take part in many ATO operations – the combat assault of Sloviansk, Shakhtarsk, Savur-Mohyla and other settlements. The fighter still gets very emotional when he remembers his dead comrades. Since combat operations began only a quarter of his crew have survived, most of the soldiers were killed during the capture of the strategic point – Savur-Mohyla.


Olexandr was born in Dnipropetrovsk, from Novostroyivkа (Tsarychanskyy region ). His mother and sister are now waiting for him there. In peacetime, Olexandr worked in the local unit of the penitentiary service, where he went after military service.


Our joint help is the only way to give this hero a normal life, and express gratitude for his many feats!

Olexandr’s injury is one of the most technologically complicated cases in our project. The soldier needs gradual movement of the remaining heel bone fragments to their normal position, correction of forefoot dislocation and creation of a free flap for normal blood circulation and sensitivity of the foot. It will be used for plastic surgery for a flap transplant.


Treatment takes about two months and will include up to four operations.

List of services included in the treatment:
Diagnosis and examination: 3,405 UAH
Surface preparation: 42,020 UAH
Collection of material production and preparation of cellular material carrier: 191,325 UAH
Treatment of heel bone defect: 35,100 UAH
Drug and post surgical care: 67,497 UAH

Budget update
In June 2015 major surgery on the foot was carried out, with good results. The bone is restored, but the development of movement in the foot is prevented by a large amount of scar tissue at the junction of the muscles and tendons. It can be eliminated with plastic surgery. The costs are: 96 017 UAH

Updated special price of treatment:  435 364 UAH