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Hot September: our report for the past month

It is late September, and having revised the things...

Hot September: our report for the past month

Hot September: our report for the past month

It is late September, and having revised the things we did over the month, we decided to report to you for our common achievements. This period of time has been marked by a few significant transfers. That made the list of news looking rather humble: we just bought and sent some items, what’s special about it? Still on a general scale the job we did looks quite impressive.

Let’s start with the Rapid Response project: this initiative turned out to be especially urgent, and therefore costly. You probably remember that old friends of ours, a sniper unit whom we support almost from the first days of the war, have sent us their thermal imaging scope back. The device has been serving the snipers since the very beginning of their activities, and as a result of intensive use in combat situations it has just  reached the end of its useful life cycle. It seems hardly practicable to repair it over and over again so we accumulated certain amount, engaged a sponsor who supported the project with a contribution, and purchased two new scopes for the snipers. In view of the news coming from the frontline where snipers of the terrorists have largely intensified their activities, our guys carry out their counter sniper work rather proactively. That is why we bought them top equipment.

Also, we’ve taken care of our sappers again. Earlier, we also sent two metal detectors for a sapper unit of the Marines who are now serving in the forefront. De-mining of the territories adjacent to the frontline to prevent local civilians from getting injured or killed by a deadly “surprise” laid by Russians, is their primary goal.

Within another transfer, we bought and sent three visual inspection kits for a separate special sapper unit: these are three telescopic rods equipped with a set of mirrors which are used for checking of the bottom and other hidden places of a vehicle. Apart from active engagement in de-mining activities, these sappers’ mission incorporates a number of other duties, that is why we regularly send them powerful metal detectors. In addition, the guys work on the contact line where they inspect vehicles and people coming through the crossing points to prevent trafficking munitions, explosives and other prohibited stuff from the occupied territories onto the government controlled Ukrainian land.

Similarly, quite a big amount was spent on SpecOps officers’ needs this month. For a combat unit we used to support earlier, we purchased and sent ten barrel caps for AK. Such caps, equipped by Picatinny rails, are mounted on the weapon instead of the custom rails. This allows to minimize the number of fitters and fastenings and ensures secure and reliable fixing of the optics which allows avoid re-adjusting the weapon after each single shot or shake.

This purchase didn’t go unnoticed by the SpecOps officers from another regional unit, so they requested the same gear for their needs as well. The unit has been engaged in combat activities as well, they’re working in the forefront right now, so we granted their request and bought them four more caps of a slightly different model, tactical flashlights and a few pairs of tactical eyeglasses. As these fighters are doing their dangerous job in the hottest spots of the war, they need the best equipment, don’t you agree? You, too, can support our fighters using the button below:

Also, we have been actively working within the I Am Sniper project: a larger part of equipment has been bought at the expense of its financial resources. To join the initiative is very easy:

As you know, dear friends, apart from the army related initiatives we also run medical and social projects. At the moment, we’ve been  continuing fundraising within the Last Hope Unit project. Here we try to accumulate a rather big sum necessary for buying a special medical device for the Bone infections unit of the Institute of Traumatology and orthopedics. It will help to beat the severest infections in patients who found themselves on the verge of exhausting of their resources. Despite the fact as of today there are no any special news or updates in the project, the need remains urgent. As the matter concerns people’s well-being, health and lives that can be saved and secured only if the medical device we’ve been raising funds for, is applied. So, dear friends, please keep in mind that this demand remains essential. You can join in this project using the button below:

What’s more, we’ve almost completed the Mountain Therapy project within which we joined the process of psychological rehabilitation for the ATO veterans. We’ve managed to raise nearly the full amount except for the last 4 thousand, and bought most of equipment we needed. And the initiators of the project along with the veterans who took part in the mountaineering tours, have already completed two big tours and a few smaller hikes. They admit that they got unforgettable experience which, eventually, constitutes a therapeutic effect by itself. By the way, we’d like to invite you to active involvement in the project as well: your support is welcome as we need to finalize the fundraising and meet the last remaining demands within it. You can take part here:

Our expenditures made a few hundred thousand hryvnias: the information on the amounts both raised and spent, is as usual available in our detailed reports on each project. We would like to remind you, dear friends, an obvious thing: we never spend a single penny of the sums collected, on our personal needs; the 100% of the money go to its primary and only purpose, support of our Army and social needs.

And, as this month the expenditures have exceeded the earnings, we urged to ask you to join in. It is your donations, as much as each of you can afford, that give us the chance to do good, help people and support our Army in the times of war.

If not us, then who?