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Project Completed

Seven copters PC-1

941 people donated
1 192 540 uah (28 923 USD)
of 1 122 965 uah (27 235 USD)
100% raised
Updated 20.02.2019 at 17:49
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Why is it important?

The People’s Project almost from its inception embraced dealing with finding solutions to the problem of aerial reconnaissance. We launched and implemented several successful projects with this focus and not did not stop developing new solutions to this most pressing problem, including consulting with the military and their requirements. It is important to understand that one type of UAV can not address all the problems Ukraine’s troops face at the front, universal and effective solutions exist simultaneously. It is important that the men have the right machine to fit the specifics of their tasks and missions.

For intelligence operations conducted on the contact line to find the right and most effective device for operational reconnaissance is no mean feat. It is clear when moving quickly to change their place of deployment a huge "bird" is not convenient. This posed the question of finding aircraft of compact design that combine the benefits of small UAVs yet still pack a punch in terms of serious specifications. Thus UKRSPECSYSTEMS company created the folding PC-1 Quadcopter .
The PC-1 Quadcopter will be a useful mobile intelligence unit for the exploration of territory; any units located near the front line will be able to to view the area around camp, and detect and track enemy vehicles and human forces at short distance. The quadcopter features a complex design that fits easily into a backpack, yet can be quickly deployed. In order to be ready to fly, the copter requires less than three minutes preparation time. It features gyro-stabilized suspension and is equipped with a 10x zoom camera.


Length in folded state
495 mm
Length in unfolded state
560 mm
Height (with battery)
140 mm
Distance between rotors
690 mm
4200 g
Range, up to
5 000 m
Flight time
up to 40 minutes
Power supply
2 batteries delivering 6 500 
Digital encrypted telemetry link
AES 128

Category II-english

  • Built-in 2-axle gyro-stabilized gimbal

  • EO camera with 10x zoom

  • Digital encrypted telemetry link

  • Encrypted video signal

  • Range reception and control – 5 km

  • Flight path programming ability

  • Compact folding design

Deployment time-english

Video of deployment and operation of the quadcopter


  • Folding PC-1 Quadcopter

  • Built-in two-axle gimbal

  • EO camera with 10x zoom

  • Backpack

  • Remote control for copter

  • 7" screen for viewing live video

  • Android based tablet

  • 2 batteries delivering 6 500 A·h

  • Battery charger

  • USB telemetry module

Where does the money go?

The funds collected will be spent on the production of seven quadcopters developed by a group of enthusiasts, who set up UKRSPECSYSTEMS especially for Ukraine’s military taking into account their needs and concerns. A single copter kit will include all of the above technology, but, if necessary, equipment can be supplemented.
We have a clear understanding of and experience in the production of UAVs to be used to improve the combat capability and effectiveness of Ukraine’s forces.


Testing the PC-1 Quadcopter in the rain

  • 05August2019

    Project budget reduced by UAH 22.250. The number of copters under the budget of the project decreased by one gear.

  • 09July2018

    Project budget increased by UAH 128,997. Due to the replacement of octocopter components, the cost of one UAV increased from UAH 194,500 to UAH 250,000.

  • 24March2017

    Project budget increased by UAH 108,965. The budget is raised by the cost of repair and modernization of one of the quadcopters.

  • 18January2017

    Project budget increased by UAH 260,003. Given the experience we have and the feedback from the military, we have decided to improve the design of our drones. From now on we will be producing octocopters PC-1 instead of quadcopters.

  • 02September2016

    Project budget increased by UAH 250,000. Due to the rising demand for folding drones, we have increased the number of gear in the budget from five to seven.

PC-1 Quadcopters
PC-1 Quadcopters
paid 100%
3/3 un.
375 000 UAH
PC-1 Octocopters
PC-1 Octocopters
paid 100%
3/3 un.
639 000 UAH
Modernization of quadcopter PC-1
Modernization of quadcopter PC-1
paid 100%
1/1 un.
108 965 UAH

Totally:   1 122 965.00 UAH


Questions and answers

Questions and answers on method of payment and reporting

Raised: 1 192 540 UAH(28 923 USD)
Still needed 0 UAH(0 USD)
Spent 1 122 965 UAH(27 236 USD)
Balance 69 575 UAH(1 687 USD)
1 192 540 UAH (28 923 USD)
In kind contributions
DateItemQ-tyUAH equivalentComment
24/03/17Repair and modernization of Quadcopter PC-11108965 UAHpaid by sponsor
27/05/16Quadcopter PC-11125000 UAHpaid by sponsor
11/12/15Quadcopter PC-11125000 UAHpaid by sponsor
11/12/15Quadcopter PC-11125000 UAHpaid by sponsor
Total: 483 965 UAH (11 738 USD)
Settlement account 26007053220403
03/02/1911:09200 UAH ******0000
20/01/1923:12100 UAH ******5915
17/01/1913:395 000 UAH ******0000
16/01/1915:14200 UAH ******2555
14/01/1914:401 111 UAH ******0000
13/01/1919:50500 UAH ******7674
12/01/1904:47500 UAH ******0000
08/01/1909:05200 UAH
03/01/1917:03200 UAH ******0000
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 708 575.00 UAH (17 185 USD)
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1 122 965 UAH (27 236 USD)
Current project spending
20/12/2018Octocopter PC-11 250 000.00paid
18/01/2017Octocopter PC-11 194 500.00delivered to military unit E6117
18/01/2017Octocopter PC-11 194 500.00delivered to military unit А2802
02/06/2016Quadcopter PC-1 (plus the cost of repair and modernization)1 233 965.00delivered to Alpha squad
18/03/2016Quadcopter PC-11 125 000.00delivered to military unit В2950
15/12/2015Quadcopter PC-1 1 125 000.00delivered to batttalion 'Sever'
Total: 1 122 965.00 UAH (27 236 USD)