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Back to Fight! 2

Another delivery for Tourists

The People’s Project continues to equip the units we sponsor. We have long been working with the Tourists, AKA Navy intelligence. They are professionals and they need decent gear and software. This time the Back to Fight! 2 project we delivered to the military ballistic eyewear, protective masks, suits and underwear, and as part of the Military Kung purchased for the Tourists, tools, grinding machines, drills, welders and more.

Another delivery made under the Back to Fight! 2 project was a special radio station for the crew of the vessel “Netishyn”. More information about the radio we published earlier. For now we deal with the most pressing needs of the crew. But, nevertheless, we hope that we will soon reach an agreement with the command of the fleet and begin work work on one of our most ambitious projects to date Refitting Netishyn giving the ship a completely new lease of life.

As before, our military needs your support.

You have the chance to help in the refit and restoration of Netishyn. We remind you, the loss of Crimea left Ukraine’s Navy with an acute shortage of the ships needed to make up an effective fleet. The cost of restoring the ship is drop in the ocean (excuse the pun) compared to the cost of a new ship of this class.

If you want to support aerial reconnaissance and understand the urgent need for UAVs – support the Five Quadcopters PC-1 project as fundraising continues.

Treatment of wounded heroes, saving them from amputations using advanced biotechnology developed in Ukraine continues under the Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded project.

The Spare Parts and supplies 2 project focuses on the repair and restoration of military equipment has turned into a colossal undertaking. Vehicles need to repaired in a timely manner and we’re working on it.

Ensuring military at the front have as normal living conditions as possible is the goal of the People’s Blindage project. We can help the guys move from flooded trenches and cold and makeshift huts of wood, into comfortable bunkers that have been tested for strength.

Get involved. Together we have the power.

08/02/2016Revision ballistic goggles3 3 390.00delivered to military unit А1430
08/02/2016ESS Crossbow 3LS Kit ballistic eyeshields6 4 680.00delivered to military unit А1430
08/02/2016Waterproof suit PSWP1 2 920.00delivered to military unit А1430
08/02/2016Thermal underwear Base LVL7 7 000.00delivered to military unit А1430
08/02/2016Mountain MK suit2 3 510.00delivered to military unit А1430
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Project Completed

Back to Fight! 2

Supplying combat units with essential equipment.

military units А0224, А1430, Alpha
1 589 894 UAH (57 531 USD) needed
100% raised
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