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Yevhen, 38. Money for treatment raised

How Yevhen’s treatment progresses:


Yevhen, 38. Money for treatment raised

Yevhen, 38. Money for treatment raised

How Yevhen’s treatment progresses:


Yevhen is 38, he is a veteran who served with the 92nd Mechanized Brigade. Got wounded near the town of Shchastya.


Left leg: consequences of an explosive injury. Wrong fusion of the talus fracture; arthrosis of the talocalcaneal joint with expressed pain syndrome.
Evgen Zh-in 6
Even despite complicated fractures in his foot bones have fused up, Yevhen is suffering from severe pain. The man can barely limp with a cane. If not to start immediate treatment, complications will persist and may lead to inability to walk. Unfortunately, the joint cannot be restored by any means. The only thing doctors can do is to fix the bone fragments stiffly to prevent their further destruction. Actually, due to pain and damage the bones attached to the joint are unable to move in their natural way, so arthrodesis will not make any worse. On the contrary, if to remove pain and stop further ruining of the joint, the foot’s functions can be restored in full on the account of repartition of the load between the rest of foot joints: our organism is wise enough to do this if slightly assisted.
Evgen Zh-in 5

More information about the wounded

Yevhen is a fighter with the 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade. He got wounded two years ago in Luhansk region, near the town of Shchyastya. He was hit in an enemy shelling when a fragment of a mine injured his foot severely. His leg had been treated in various hospitals for six months. After healing of the damaged bones the man was released from the hospital.

A year and a half passed, but severe pain did not leave for a moment. The man can hardly walk with a cane, and his prospects are getting worse as time flows. The only thing doctors can offer him is medicinal blockades. Still Yevhen needs something bigger. The fighter applied to the «Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded» social project where he was diagnosed with arthrosis of the talocalcaneal joint: the damaged bones continue to hurt and destroy one another. This is what causes Yevhen’s severe pain. And the Project’s doctors know how to get him relieved from it.
Evgen Zh-in 3
In Yevhen’s case the most expedient method is arthrodesis of the talocalcaneal joint, that is stiff fixation of certain bones to one another. This will enable the damaged bones to take some rest and prevent their further abrasion by injured surfaces that leads to their unavoidable destruction. In time, the leg will regain its supporting function back, and with further physical activity bending movements will get gradually restored at the expense of other joints. Volunteers and sympathetic citizens of Sumy have helped to raise the money necessary for Yevhen’s treatment.

Evgen Zh-in 4

Yevhen was born and raised in Sumy where he has been living with his wife until now. Before the war the man worked as a welder. He was mobilized in summer of 2014, and during the year of service preceding his injury he went through all the hot spots of the ATO: Ilovaisk Kettle, Stanytsia Luhanska, Trehizbenka, Shchastya. Treatment within the Project is this nice man’s last chance to restore his injured leg and come back to full life having left the persisting pain forever behind.

Evgen Zh-in 1

Required treatment

arthrodesis of the talocalcaneal joint with application of the external fixation apparatus.

Detailing of the cost of diagnostics and treatment:

1. Medical examination – 6 013 UAH
2. Anesthetics (discount 5%) – 3 995 UAH
3. Cost of material support – 6 837 UAH
4. Cost of reconstructive-rehabilitative treatment (discount 40%) – 39 762 UAH

Cost of treatment including medical center discount 31% – 56 607 UAH