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Help to 81st Brigade

Night vision sight delivered to paratroopers of 81st Brigade

A Zenit NP 400 night vision sight, provided by a permanent benefactor to The People’s Project, has been delivered to the 81st Brigade. Soon the the sight will be employed by paratroopers at the front where, despite the so-called ceasefire, it is needed. Hostile sabotage and reconnaissance groups are constantly trying to attack Ukraine’s positions at night. For their protection they need to be able to identify them in time. Although the boys joke their hearing, during the war has evolved to the level of bats and they can hear a few kilometers, extra eyes that help them see at night can not hurt. Maybe it already sounds trite, simple devices can really save lives, tens, even hundreds of lives.

Ukraine’s military still needs your help:

If you want to support aerial reconnaissance and understand the urgent need for UAVs – support the Five Quadcopters PC-1 project as fundraising continues.

Treatment of wounded heroes, saving them from amputations using advanced biotechnology developed in Ukraine continues under the Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded project.

The Spare Parts and Supplies 2 project focuses on the repair and restoration of military equipment has turned into a colossal undertaking. Vehicles need to be repaired in a timely manner and we’re working on it.

Ensuring military at the front have as normal living conditions as possible is the goal of the People’s Blindage project. We can help the guys move from flooded trenches and cold and makeshift huts of wood, into comfortable bunkers that have been tested for strength.

You have the chance to help in the refit and restoration of Netishyn. We remind you, the loss of Crimea left Ukraine’s Navy with an acute shortage of the ships needed to make up an effective fleet. The cost of restoring the ship is drop in the ocean (excuse the pun) compared to the cost of a new ship of this class.

Get involved. Every contribution makes a difference.

12/02/2016Night Vision Scope Zenit NP 4001 51 870.00delivered to military unit В2749
12/02/2016Handguard16 4 800.00delivered to military unit В2749
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Project Completed

Help to 81st Brigade

Modern equipment for the paratroopers of the 81st separate airborne brigade

military unit В 2749
1 107 817 UAH (43 450 USD) needed
100% raised
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