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The worst enemies of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Why medical officials does not allow to treat the wounded?

Today we celebrate the Day of the Defender of Ukraine....

The worst enemies of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Why medical officials does not allow to treat the wounded?

The worst enemies of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Why medical officials does not allow to treat the wounded?

Today we celebrate the Day of the Defender of Ukraine. But this day is not the happy feast to every Ukrainian family. The vile and bloody war on the East of Ukraine has taken hundreds of lives of Ukrainian defenders already. Even more of Ukrainian soldiers were seriously injured and wounded, and, as a result, got their normal life ruined.

First months of autumn were too hot for The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project. During this project doctors and volunteers are trying to treat the seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers with the help of modern technology. The six new patients joined the project at once. Only high-tech treatment with the use of cellular technology can help each of them. In the nearest future new participants will be pass detailed examination. The medical clinics will conduct the necessary research, select biological materials to grow new bones and tissues, and make detailed plans for the further treatment.


The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project helps to treat the terrible burns, severe necrosis of tissues, broken bones and other effects of trauma

At the mean time, the fifteen members of the project are on their way to complete recovery. Most of them recently received necessary medical procedures. The rest of them are getting ready to the surgeries in the nearest future. Three more soldiers will go home at last. The main treatment process for them is accomplished and further recovery depends only on the effort of the patients. In the future they will visit the clinic only for regular control examination. All the project participants have the recovery progress tracked by the doctors for the long time after the treatment course.

The doctors of The Ilaya Clinic as well as the volunteers were very pleased to see thirteen members of the project during the last control examination in the hospital. The results of the tests have shown that recovery goes according to the plan, and no adverse effects in the treatment of guys were found.


The leading experts Volodymyr Oksymets and Dmytro Zubov make the real magic with their own hands

The participants of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project are the Ukrainian soldiers, who were seriously injured during the ATO. All of them wandered through the military and state hospitals and got the refusal for the further treatment. All of the guys went through several serious surgeries, faced the threat of amputation, prosthetics and lifelong disability. All of them are treated with the help of the modern technology.

Nothing can stop the volunteers and doctors from providing of high-tech assistance to all those in need. The doctors of The Ilaya Clinic perform the treatment for the cost of the medical supplies only. The volunteers of The People’s Project do not take any commissions or interest from the people’s donations. All the collected funds are focused exclusively on the treatment of the wounded.


The People’s Project coordinator Maxym Ryabokon and ex-participant of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project Olexandr

The donations, collected under the supervision of Maxym, allowed to save Olexandr from the amputation with help of the cellular technology 

But the volunteers and doctors that participate the project receive something much more valuable. Its the gratitude of people who were deprived of hope, and then miraculously rescued. It worth much more than money. Here are some of the most recent patients of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project. If there were no cellular technology, they will be sitting in their wheelchairs, or walk with the help of the crutches, unable to get out of home.

Despite the terrible injuries Roman always smiles. The first stage of his treatment was just recently payed. Without the cellular technology Roman had no hope for full recovery. He has a broken and shortened humerus and no right shoulder joint. In terms of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project the doctors are going to construct a new joint from the bone fragments, grown from the Roman’s own bone tissue. This kind of the surgery is very complex, but the chances for full recovery are very high.


Despite severe injury Roman always meet visitors with the smile on his face

The Ukraine’s enemy shell fragment have broken Oleg‘s foot with an explosion. Oleg turned to The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project and successfully went through the treatment process. Broken bones were successfully grown back together. The main thing is that Oleg is able to walk again.

Victor had his treatment finished two years ago. The newly grown heel bone gave him the opportunity to live a full life. Traditional medicine does not cure such a complex injury, which requires to rebuild the foot skeleton from scratch. Only with the help of the cellular technology Victor got his ability to walk back. The control examination showed that situation with the foot is get back to normal without any complications.

With the help of the cellular technology Yuriy got the possibility to walk without pain again. The age and overload he went through at the front line caused the problem. The severe arthrosis ruined Yuriy’s knee joints and twisted his legs. The specialists of The Ilaya Clinic are now giving him a chance for a life without a constant pain and suffering.

Olexandr has faced the threat of the leg amputation. The close explosion broke his bones and severely deformed them, so it was not possible for them to coalesce. The only thing that doctors in the state hospitals were capable of is to suggest the amputation. Olexandr turned to The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project. In terms of this project Olexandr is now being prepared for the recovery operation.

Evgen shoved remarkable heroism on the battlefield. Evgen got near the explosion. But, despite the severe injuries of both hands and concussion, he was tryig to help his colleagues, till they brought him away from the battlefield by force. Now Evgen struggles to save his fingers and broken forearm. Only the cell technologies gave him the chance to recover.


Evgen has his both hands severely injured and only cellular technology can help to restore them

Its a happy moment for Sergiy, who goes home after the treatment. Sergiy suffered enough. He was treated with the help of the cellular technology and the talent of the leading specialist of The Ilaya Clinic Volodymyr Oksymets. Sergiy had his wrist fused and his arm recovered. Also he had his severely injured foot healed. Thanks to The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project Sergiy’s story have a chance for the happy ending.

Volodymyr received a new heel bone. Some doctors told Volodymyr to be prepared for the amputation. Even German doctors considered the case as hopeless. Volodymyr turned to The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project. After the few months of treatment a brand new heel bone grows in its proper place. After a little more of the reconstructive treatment Volodymyr will be able to walk without any additional support again.

Olexandr was captured and imprisoned by the enemies of Ukraine and tortured for several days. Fortunately, he survived. As a reminder Olexandr received the necrosis of the talus foot bone. He turned to The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project with the constant pain and completely immobile leg. At the moment the treatment successfully continues and Olexandr has a good chance for a complete recovery.

Roman Zhuravel just recently returned to the clinic. He is one of the first and most difficult patients of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project. Roman had his both legs broken with the grenade explosion. The metal fragments destroyed his left knee. It took over a year to reconstruct Roman’s knee. Roman went home and shortly after he continued to serve in the ranks of the National Guard, and even received an award. The control examination showed that it is one more surgery required to bring the knee back to it’s original shape. Also, the new bone needs to be corrected a little bit. Today Roman is recovering after the surgery and it is reasonable to hope, that he will leave the clinic on his own two legs in a perfect shape.


Even the wife of the president of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko is worried about the destiny of Roman

The enemy’s mine exploded near the Bogdan‘s legs. The guy is just a little over twenty, and he already have his leg seriously maimed. The bone has not fused properly and have a giant hole in the middle. It can break any moment, so the guy need to have the reconstruction surgery, using the cellular technology. Bogdan just had the plastic surgery for the transplant of the soft tissue. Now he is getting ready for the main stage of the treatment.

This is the first victory in the treatment process of Olexiy. With the use of high-tech he had his leg saved from amputation. During the battle the shell got exploded under the Olexiy’s feet. His both legs got crippled by the terrible explosion. For seven months the doctors have been trying to overcame the severe infection, which covered the wounds. And they succeeded. Now doctors are getting ready for the restoration of the bone fragments.


Before Olexiy joined The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project he almost lost his hope. The injuries and the infection left him with no chance for the recovery

Now the leg is completely cured from the infection, and Olexiy is getting ready to have the bone restored

Despite the fact Vitaliy was in the tank he got injured during the mortar attack. The left leg got twisted and shortened, so the doctors had to restructure the fragments of the broken bones and reconstruct it using the cellular technology. Now Vitaliy is going through the process of rehabilitation and there is good chance that he’ll be able to walk again.

The charity exhibition called ARTvsWAR took place in the Uvarov’s Residence in Kyiv during the past few days. Among the others at the event could be seen one of our first patients of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project Volodymyr. Half the bones in his foot were broken after the explosion. The trauma and bone defects were severe. The treatment process was accomplished over a year ago. Now Volodymyr can walk without the additional support.


For the Volodymyr‘s left foot three new bones were grown at once

We sincerely regret that the state while medicine can’t help such difficult patients. Ukrainian doctors for many years create real miracles thanks to their skills and bare enthusiasm. But the implementation of the new technology requires considerable funding. The war on the East of Ukraine continues and many seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers are in need of immediate high-tech treatment.

The doctors of The Ilaya Clinic can treat more seriously wounded soldiers, but there are no sufficient budget for that. Even considering the fact that the treatment is performed purely at the price of materials, the cost of such medical procedures is too big for families of the wounded defenders of Ukraine.


The first participant of The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project Yuriy (on the left) – 2014.

Maksym Ryabokon and Yuriy (on the right) – August of 2016.

Without the help of the project Yuriy might have stayed without a hand, confined to a wheelchair forever 

It is still a question of discussion in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine if cellular technology should or should not be financed from the state budget. There are different points of view. Such technology is not only successfully used for a long lime in the USA, but it proved its high efficiency in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy is usual for such a global questions.

Because of a few opponents of the implementation of the modern technology as a sufficient type of treatment in the state and military hospitals and their loud speeches against such king of treatment, government still doesn’t finance it. The supporters of the project fight for the right solution to be accepted, but they obviously need more time due to the bureaucratic reasons. Meanwhile, the donations collected trough The Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded Project from the people all over the world are the only solution to treat the wounded defenders of Ukraine. Every donated dollar matters.

Please share this information in the social networks. Without the sufficient publicity many of the wounded Ukrainian soldiers may remain crippled for the rest of their life.

The link to this article: Wounded Defenders of Ukraine


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