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Spring report: look how much we’ve done together

Dear friends, we continuously ask for your support, accumulate...

Spring report: look how much we’ve done together

Spring report: look how much we’ve done together

Dear friends, we continuously ask for your support, accumulate certain amounts of your donations, penny by penny, trying to help our country become a better, more comfortable and civilized place to live in. Today, we would like to summarize how much we have achieved together with you.

Since the beginning of the year, People’s Project has spent 2.319.052 hryvnias for charity. All this became possible thanks to the efforts taken by ordinary people.

Actually, our militaries’ needs constitute the main object of expenditure. The larger part of it we spent within the Rapid Response project. By the way, lately we have updated the project’s description: now it contains clear guidelines for those who would like to apply for assistance as well as current reports. Have a look, dear friends, and join in as your support is essential!

We have picked up and purchased a considerable amount of equipment for the fighters serving in an elite SpecOps unit who carry out combat missions and counter terroristic activities on either side of the frontline. Mostly, these are ammunition items and certain gear for their weapons’ upgrade. Lots of stuff and useful things to enhance their operational capabilities. All these are supposed to ensure our guys’ coming back intact and uninjured, in contrast to terrorists.

Also, we supported a sapper unit as well. These guys have been quietly doing their highly important and dangerous job: they de-mine territories in the frontline and over the adjusting territories, protecting our military in the forefront; in addition, they’re engaged in inspections at checkpoints where they prevent infiltration of disguised enemy saboteur groups carrying arms or explosives, into the government controlled territory. You can see what we’ve bought for them this time via this link.

In addition, we have effectively equipped a few subdivisions of army brigades: we sent them optics, collimators and other gear. These are the guys who every day, under the hostile fire, deal with the opponent’s saboteur groups. Let them have all the necessary stuff to disclose and neutralize the enemy with more efficacy.

Another our mission lies in supporting the Ukrainian fighter pilots: they requested to upgrade their existent survival kits. Partially, we managed to satisfy their needs, still the rest of equipment is to be bought soon.

Apart from that, we re-launched the activities within the School of Military Divers project where we raise funds to carry out special professional trainings and equip a special military rescue team: we are going to buy them a few new nice swimming suits. The present outfit the guys are equipped in, is beyond any criticism as they’re all worn out, old and shabby; non thermoresistant at all, so, as the guys joke, one can only get drowned in these successfully. We consider it important to assist them, especially as the sum we need to raise is comparatively small.

Also, we launched two new very important initiatives. By the way, in these two your participation would be welcome and appropriate, too. The first one titled Mountain Therapy, is designed to help in rehabilitation of the ATO veterans. Our friends, a volunteer foundation, is organizing two-weeks mountaineering tours. In the course of these tours, veterans working on special programs developed by psychologists and learn to live anew according to the mechanisms of peaceful civilian life and co-operation with other people. As a result, the participants leave the consequences of their psychological traumas as well as psychosomatic conditions and hidden inner injuries, behind. We have to accumulate a minor sum of money to buy them all the touristic equipment they need, for them to be able to focus on rehabilitation instead of small stuff.

Another project is a more scaled, complex and upsetting one. It is called The Last Hope Unit. We undertook to buy a specific medical apparatus for treatment of injuries by means of ultrasound. This device allows to destroy beds of infection and colonies of bacteria deep in the body tissues, which helps to avoid cutting the wound and clearing it surgically causing more injuries to the patient in this way. We are going to buy this apparatus for the State Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, for their Bone Infections Surgery unit where the most complicated and even almost hopeless patients are being treated. The needed amount looks rather astronomical, still together we have already advanced to it a little. Dear friends, we urge you to participate in this initiative, too, as it seems truly essential.

At the moment, our activities within the Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded project have subsided a bit. Still this does not mean our assistance is needless. We stopped enlisting new participants in the project: instead, we concentrated on full completion of treatment for our most badly wounded patients. They are undergoing complicated additional surgeries, and we try to regularly inform you on their progress. And yes, your support is absolutely appropriate and needed!

What to add?

Now, we are getting ready to launch some new important projects. These will be rather small ones, still aimed to pinpoint improvements in the society and the state in general. If previously we tried to satisfy vital needs, now we are going to work for the future. Not just plug the hole up with our finger but to do our best to prevent such necessity from happening. As usual, we ask you to support our current initiatives. Also, you can come up with your own good ideas, concepts and projects: we are pretty sure you’re pondering on how to improve people’s lives to better in our country as well. We are looking for your initiatives and would be happy to assist in their implementation. When working together, we can achieve any goals.

So let us proceed with our activities. Stay with us!

Sincerely, People’s Project’s volunteer team