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How can we prevent losses?

Deputy Secretary of the National Security Mykhailo Koval today...

How can we prevent losses?

How can we prevent losses?

Deputy Secretary of the National Security Mykhailo Koval today issued the sobering statistics – 10 000 victims of the ATO. Fallen Ukrainian soldiers. How many brave soldiers has Ukraine lost? In the country’s defense, Ukrainian sons, brothers, husbands and friends?

During the undeclared war, about 20,000 have been injured. Some were seriously injured during the shelling in the active phase, others have been wounded during attacks in breach of the Minsk ceasefire agreements. Many of those killed could have been saved from death if they had the necessary equipment and prior warning of the offensive. Even more could be saved from disability, if they had access to timely evacuation for skilled medical help.

Now the situation on the front is slightly better, but Ukraine is still suffering losses. In both the military and the civilian population. Why is this still happening? This is a question we can’t answer. However, can we prevent disastrous situations? We can and must. The military at the front always need high-tech optics, which actually save lives. Our Rapid Response project is designed for this purpose. For modern reconnaissance our friends at Ukrspecsystems (Facebook page in Ukrainian)created – drones. See the FiveQuadcopters РС-1 and First People’s UAV Complex projects. Soldiers can escape heavy shelling and artillery fire thanks to the People’s Blindage project. Wounded soldiers who were threatened with amputation have had their limbs saved due to the Bioengineering Rehabilitaion for Wounded project. Better preparing the military for cases that require physical strength and agility comes courtesy of the project Elite Training for Military. Protecting Ukraine’s territorial waters і is a real professional group of anti-saboteur divers trained and equipped by the School of Military Divers protect. In the information war and resisting the enemy’s propaganda is the role of the project Upgrade InformNapalm. Sniper units are equipped with professional optics and other accessories via the I Am Sniper project.

All these projects are most pressing at this time. We created them in the most common and immediate needs of the military. For two years undeclared war we have already completed more than 90 such projects. However, help is still needed on open projects which can be found on our website

For each project you can trace the flow of funds, thanks to our unique reporting of income and expenditure.

Recently, under the Rapid Response project was a request for the supply of essential equipment to the Shyrokyne-based  intelligence unit. Thanks to your donations, we were able to raise funds quickly and with the help of our volunteers to deliver instruments to the front.

You can see a video of Ukraine’s scouts from our last delivery to  Shyrokyne (in Russian/Ukrainian):

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